It’s funny how Cyberpunk 2077 offers a false sense of simplicity during the first bars of the adventure. However, it does not take long to understand that the decisions you have made may not be the best, so to prevent you from falling into it we have prepared this beginner’s guide.

Here we show you 19 things I wish I had known before starting to play Cyberpunk 2077. Basic tips that, no spoilers Beyond talking about specific mechanics, they will allow you to approach the game in a much more comfortable way.

A first game in which to play without fear

Before continuing, a piece of advice dedicated to those who do not want to go any further and prefer to arrive at the game with all the surprises intact. Simply play the story, aim for the main campaign and keep going until the end of it. It’s the best way to understand the ins and outs of the game and prepare for the next step.

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And a second in which to specialize

With all the basics you have already learned during that first game, now comes the good one, the one in which you stop to do side missions, assignments and try to target get all possible endings with the perfect character for that task.

Don’t obsess over the initial choice

At first you will be given the option to choose your origin, but beyond a few lines of dialogue and a different prologue, the choice will not change the course of your adventure. Aim for the one that best suits your tastes and don’t give it too much thought your choice.

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Decide what type of character you want

Mark very well what type of character you want to create is essential to be able to exploit your possibilities to the maximum. Do you want to go stealthily and without causing deaths? Clean shot? To punches and blows? Making use of hacks? Each specialty has a good number of options and the skill tree points are not infinite, so better focus on the option that most catches your attention and stick with it.

Try all weapons

When it comes to improving your weapons skills, the game will separate all of them into different groups. You have the one with the shotguns, the one with the rifles and submachine guns, the one with the sniper rifles or even the one with the pistols. It normally includes two groups of weaponsso try them all to see which one suits your style best.

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Open the map to carry out missions and orders

It’s easy to fall into the loop of jumping from mission to mission because of the flashiness of its history, but take some time to see what’s around you. Most isolated missions are simple encounters that you can air in a handful of minutes and the extra pay which they suppose is worth it.

Don’t get obsessed with changing weapons

You will constantly receive better weapons and armor items than you already have. Taking the leap is eye-catching, but in the long run you can find yourself constantly checking your inventory and it can get tiresome. The changes are not so radical, so if a gun you like, keep it or try to improve it instead of releasing it at the first change.

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Spend time visiting two or three matasanos

Cyber ​​implant enhancements can make a big change in game mechanics, from slowing down time in gunfights to berserker mode. Visit two or three nearby matasanos to see what they have and remember the price of upgrades that interest you.

Save as much as you can

Upgrades are expensive. Very expensive in some cases. The idea of ​​spending money on clothes or weapons may sound good at first, but I assure you that you will regret it as soon as you find something better on the ground after taking down an enemy. Save as much as you can. Seriously, do it.

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Attentive to the requirements of certain missions

Some side missions commissioned by the Fixer will have an additional objective such as clearing it without being discovered or without killing anyone. Try to complete them because the additional pay involved in overcoming them with those conditions is usually very generous.

The secondary ones are not for decoration

Some secondary arcs may seem boring if you don’t commune with certain characters too much, but I advise you to give them a chance because the change they can make in the final crossroads well deserves it. Spend time with everyone until the game informs you that this arc has ended.

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Prey all you can

You never know what you are going to find behind a room full of pieces of food and, although it can be tiresome to loot everything you find, when the time comes to sell it or take it apart you will be grateful for having turned your character into the antithesis of Diogenes.

On the creative or business side

Following in the same trail, decide if you are going to opt for create your own weapons or what you want is make money. If you choose the former, disassemble everything you get and, if you don’t want to complicate your life, sell everything you have and don’t need. Warning to sailors, starting with one decision and continuing with another can cause your pockets to fill with objects or money that you will never use.

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Hack everything you can

The skill tree It grows based on the actions you take and, even if you opt for stealth and don’t use hacking on a regular basis, going to it costs a button hit and the points obtained for each action you take can come in handy in the future.

You can skip the time

If you want to follow a story arc and the latest news you have about that character is that he will call you, skip the time from the pause menu to skip 24 hourss in the future. When you exit the pause menu the first thing you will receive is your call.

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Get some cyber legs

Have a jump overloaded or a double jump is a much more useful option than it may seem in the first few hours. Get some improved legs as soon as possible because you will get a lot out of them when exploring or finding alternative paths.

Save often

You never know when you are going to make a decision that you may regret or make a mistake when facing a mission that you would like to correct. There are also certain times when checkpoints are not too generous and go to a game of quick save instead of a checkpoint it’s half life.

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Take advantage of the scanner

Whether to mark enemies, perform hacks or find what loot is in sight. The scanner is one of the most useful features in the game, so use it whenever you have the chance. It will save you more of a scare or unnecessary walk in search of objects.

Take it with all the calm in the world

Finally, the best advice of all, enjoy everything you can from Cyberpunk 2077. Unfortunately, it is one of those games that comes to an end sooner than you would like, so play it with all the calm in the world and try to squeeze all its possibilities, which are not few.

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