1Password is, without a doubt, the best app to manage our passwords, logins, licenses and even banking information. A powerful tool available for both iOS and OS X (it also has applications for Windows and Android). AgileBits, the developer company, has just updated both versions with important new features. Below we review some of the most interesting in the case of the app for iPad and iPhone.

Undoubtedly, the first thing that catches your attention is the interface redesign, more in line with iOS 7 (at this point, the application maintained a look in line with that of iOS 6). Rounded icons and controls, a smaller color palette, and simpler textures. Nothing that we don’t already know about other applications, but that was missing in 1Password.

Another important novelty is the use of multiple vaults, a feature that was present in the OS X version, but not in iOS. What are vaults? Login groups, something very useful if we share the application among several users. It might make more sense on a Mac, but it’s still an interesting addition. The vaults can also be synchronized using different Dropbox accounts (one of the systems that 1Password uses to share information between multiple devices).

To finish the list of major changes, the browser which includes the application. This browser is one of the key features of 1Password and in the new version its functionality has been greatly improved. Some changes incorporate functionality that should have been around a long time (touch gestures to move forward or backward in navigation). Others, such as the possibility of choosing the browser agent (Safari, Chrome or Firefox) that we want to use, improvements in the progress bar when loading the content, the authorization request to open links that are not http or https and, above all, , the grouping in a single icon of all the auto-completion options (logins, identities, banking information) allow to improve the operation of a tool that was already quite complete.

In addition, 1Password incorporates a new synchronization system (OPVault) and improved localization of the application into multiple languages.

As you can see, an update loaded with news. And the best thing is that this time it is not accompanied by a new payment, something common in AgileBits. The company has grouped all these changes in an intermediate version (4.5) and we assume that it will return to charge in the step from version 4.x to 5.

1Password is available as a universal app on the App Store (iTunes link) at the price of €7.99.