The new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have 1TB and 512GB SSD drives respectively, but luckily in both we find a slot for removable storage cards that at the moment will be manufactured by Seagate and will be available in a capacity of 1TB.

Information was missing on these cards – which are essentially external SSDs – and that was their price. We were worried that it was high, and indeed it is: each will cost $ 219.99Something striking considering that you can buy an entire Xbox Series S for $ 80 more.

Price and market have a tip: wait for the price to drop

This clearly shows that the SSD storage of the new consoles is without a doubt one of the things that has influenced the price of these consoles the most. Microsoft announced that these consoles will have a slot to insert removable storage cards, which will be manufactured by Seagate and have a capacity of 1TB. We now know that these cards will cost $ 219.99. The figure is striking, especially when an Xbox Series S costs $ 299 (we will see the price of these cards in euros).

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This price tag is steep, but makes sense when you consider that it is essentially M.2 SSD (we assume that in 2242 format). As Seagate states, are also M.2 NVMe SSDs with PCIe 4.0 interface: This is one of the keys to its performance (up to 4.8 GB / s) and its price, which is only $ 80 for an entire Xbox Series S which already integrates 512 GB of this storage .

The problem, of course, is that these are super-fast SSDs and, as such, much more expensive than what would be posed, for example, by integrating hard drives as in past generations. . These units are actually a fundamental pillar of the new experience, but they pose a problem as there are several video games that exceed 100 GB of space occupied in these units for a long time.

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The high price of these cards could however change in the coming months. Already in August, we reported how DRAMeXchange analysts warned that there would be price reduction for NAND and DRAM chips. Falls of 10% are expected in the coming months which could be even more significant in 2021, but progress in the flash storage segment is dizzying.

Storage room

This makes it very likely that in a relatively acceptable period (one year?) there is a notable drop in the price of these cards and also the appearance of 2TB cards which will probably still be expensive but which will offer an interesting option for more ambitious users.

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Maybe Microsoft and Seagate – and why not, other manufacturers – dare to take out 512 GB cards this might be the option for many other users who “don’t need that much”. The option, yes, is there for those who need it – even at a steep price -, and that’s always good news.

Source : Engadget