20 more actors we’ve also seen or will see in Marvel and DC Comics.

Once again, we’ve put together a list of twenty actors and actresses who’ve been to both comic book giants, including Marvel and DC Comics.

By the end of July, we had once gathered a list of twenty actors we had seen in films related to Marvel and DC Comics (and Vertigo below). Of course, not even that much space was enough to list all the contestants, since then you’ve thrown in a lot of good ideas, and we’ve even come up with names, so we’ve put together a second list of names, but this time we need a quick disclaimer.

20 more actors we’ve also seen or will see in Marvel and DC Comics

The basic rule is still that the actors on the list had to play specifically in Marvel and DC / Vertigo cinemas, their other comic book shapes are only mentioned in parentheses. Several of you have asked why we don’t put Marvel under a hat Icon Comics imprint. The reason for this is that Icon Comics was created so that the most famous authors would not take their own works to other publishers, but rather bring them together under one umbrella. As a result, all rights to the Icon publications remained with the authors, and their comics were taken with them after the Icon Comics brand ceased to exist, so Kick- and Kingsman were also transferred to Image Publisher.

It is important to mention a small clarification: this time, actors who fit into the picture because of a comic film that has already been shot or is still being shot and will be shown later could be added to the list.

20 more actors we’ve also seen or will see in Marvel and DC Comics

However, we used this method only if we already knew exactly who the person was. Christian Bale has played Batman three times in vain, even though he is not on the current list because he has joined the crew of Thor: Love and Thunder, as we don’t know exactly who he will bring to life on the screen. But after all this explanation, let the names and roles really come now!

Andy Serkis

DC: Alfred Pennyworth / Marvel: Ulysses Klaue

20 more actors we’ve also seen or will see in Marvel and DC Comics

The first player on our list could have come here right away because of the newly made rule. Andy Serkis is scheduled to be the loyal helper of the title character, Alfred Pennyworth, in the new The Batman cinema, which is currently scheduled to be shown next year. This film was originally directed by Ben Affleck, and he even intended the role for Jeremy Irons (against Batman Superman – Dawn of Truth and The League of Truth, though Irons played the butler), but much has changed since then. In the Marvel film universe, Serkis did not form a kind gentleman like Alfred, but a distinctly evil guy. He was Ulysses Klaue, who we first saw in the Age of Avengers: Ultron, but his second appearance was also the last, as he lost his life in the 2018 Black Panther.

Benjamin Bratt

DC: Tom Lone / Marvel: Jonathan Pangborn

20 more actors we’ve also seen or will see in Marvel and DC Comics

We would dare to bet a great deal that the name of Benjamin Bratt would not come to mind first on the basis of our list. Let’s take a quick look at what DC and Marvel cinemas we could see him at. We can’t tell you enough how horrible the 2004 Cat Movie was, but now we have to talk about it, as the male protagonist was Benjamin Bratt, who played a police detective named Tom Lone. Twelve years later, in the 2016 Doctor Strange, he was Jonathan Pangborn, the man who had once learned to be a magician himself in Kamar-Taj, and he revealed the name of the secret place to Doc Strange on the basketball court.

Callan Mulvey

DC: Anatoli Knyazev / Marvel: Jack Rollins

Callan Mulvey’s name may not sound familiar either, but if you see his physique, chances are one of the renegade SHIELD agents in Marvel’s film universe, who was actually in HYDRA’s service all along, will quickly come to mind. We could see him, Jack Jackins, in Captain America: The Soldier of Winter and the Time Travelers scenes of The Avengers: Endgame. In the world of DC Comics against Batman Superman – At the Dawn of Truth, he was given a role in cinema, he was Anatoli Knyazev, a mercenary terrorist who worked for Lex Luthor – in the comics, by the way, his character ran as the talkative KGBeast.

20 more actors we’ve also seen or will see in Marvel and DC Comics

Chin Han

DC: Mr. Lau / Marvel: Councilor Yen

Chin Han is also not one of the best-known actors in the world, but it will be worth paying attention to his work just because he will play Shang Tsung at the 2021 Mortal Kombat cinema. Now, however, we are interested in the 50-year-old Singaporean actor because in the Dark Knight of 2008 he was brought to life by Mr. Laut, the 2014 American Captain, who wants to launder his money on canvas: And in the winter soldier, he was given the role of Yen’s adviser . It’s also worth mentioning that we’ve even seen him in the Green Archer TV series for a few episodes.

David Dastmalchian

DC: Thomas Schiff / Marvel: Kurt

20 more actors we’ve also seen or will see in Marvel and DC Comics

Because of David Dastmalchian, we have to turn back to the 2008 Dark Knight, for he played the madman who escaped from Arkham, Thomas Schiff, whom Harvey Dent wanted to speak with a gun threatened. The scene was originally so brutally successful that Nolan had to cut it again so as not to slip out of the planned age rating. Dastmalchian had a more lovable role than Marvel, he became one of Kurt, the protagonist’s quirky buddies in The Ant of 2015 and its sequel, The Ant and The Wasp of 2018.

David Harbor

DC: Dexter Tolliver / Marvel: Red Guardian

The Stranger Things series Jim Hoppere, or David Harbor, can still be called a rookie in the world of comic cinemas. In 2016, he appeared in the Suicide Squad – Suicide Squadron for a short time as Dexter Tolliver (for example, we saw him in the scene when Amanda Waller talked about metahumanes in the restaurant), and this year Widow will be in the cinema as Alexei Shostakov, aka Red Guardian.

In addition to his DC and Marvel films, he also brought to life a better-fitting comic book hero, he was the title character in Hellboy 2019, which unfortunately isn’t exactly one of the top-shelf comic book adaptations.

20 more actors we’ve also seen or will see in Marvel and DC Comics

Dolph Lundgren

DC: Nereus / Marvel: Retaliatory

We have to go deep enough into Dolph Lundgren’s marveles past if we want to explore exactly which film he was featured in. He starred in The Punisher’s 1989 cinema, which was definitely unpleasant to tell the truth. Wait, we can even enhance this: the film has been given the title The Punisher by us. However, we have much more beautiful memories of the 2018 film Aquaman, in which Lundgren Xebel played his easy-going but basically well-meaning ruler, King Nereus. They remembered her daughter was the protagonist’s love, Mera.

Doug Jones

DC: One of the Clown Penguins / Marvel: Silver Traveler

20 more actors we’ve also seen or will see in Marvel and DC Comics

Doug Jones made his name on the big list of characters in DC Comics films quite early on, as he was one of Penguin’s clowns on the 1992 Batman comeback. It had to be fifteen years before Marvel could prove it on the front. In 2007 The Fantastic Four and the Silver Travelerin he was the Silver Traveler himself, but only the motion capture work was left to him, the character’s voice was provided by someone else – he will talk about it later. To the extent of one part, Flash – Lightning and The Green Archer also appeared as Jake Simmons, aka Deathbolt.

Of course, Doug Jones may not be familiar with you for the roles mentioned, but for the first two Hellboy cinemas, as he played Abe Sapient, the blue “fishman,” in both parts. He also starred in Men in Black – Dark Cops 2, which is also worth mentioning of course.

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