2016 Review: As Hunter Seen.

Ladies, gentlemen, memers and pro Genjik. A summary of Hunter’s colleague for the year 2016 follows. There will be joy, sorrow, and a little less promise in it than last year.

I’m a relatively calm person who’s rarely upset about things, so I don’t particularly remember if a year was downright bad or good. I only say this to make everyone feel their weight when I declare that I have rarely had a worse year.

From family tragedies to financial burnout to illness, there was everything you needed and what you didn’t. Luckily, the manure waves beating my window were enthusiastically caressed by the new friends I just met, and so it was possible to endure this increasingly desperate 2016 as well.

2016 Review: As Hunter Seen

What was your best experience in 2016?

Clearly, I’ve met a couple of very ordinary faces that I’m not going to praise much anymore because there’s a good chance they’re going to read this article, and somehow I’d just try to maintain my cool bad boy image.

2016 Review: As Hunter Seen

Anyway, I must have had an even more exciting adventure this year, but now all of a sudden we jumped in the night when we were playing Pokémon around the Venetian lake one night at the SamaGame camp. Completely unreasonable things happened, but it was good.

What was your worst experience in 2016?

2016 Review: As Hunter Seen

I described at the start that there was a serious loss in the family. I don’t handle such topics well, and I don’t even have the gut to put such gloom on dear readers. Let it be enough that there was plenty of reason to grieve this year.

What was your worst GSO experience in 2015?

2016 Review: As Hunter Seen

It’s not really a bad experience, it’s just a limitation of myself that I can’t (and probably won’t even try enough) to deal with as much sport in the GSO columns as I would like. I was very happy that you loved my summaries during the League of Legends, and I wanted to continue this momentum for the Hungarian Elite Championship, but unfortunately it fell there. I had so much to do in those few weeks that the weekly summaries hurt me and I still feel embarrassed that I couldn’t deliver it properly.

Anyway, from the community’s point of view, I don’t understand a bit what a good heavens everyone is completely upset about because Overwatch comics say Tracer has a girlfriend. He wasn’t even intrusive at all, they were just kissing on a panel because Tracer got him a pumpkin good gift. But that still left the Roadhog hook just as buggy, the lvl 20 players are still up to Genji, and Mercy just never heals us. The world order is still standing. Anyway, why doesn’t anyone be hot about dropping McCree on Sombra ?!

Which do you think is the worst game of 2016 and why?

2016 Review: As Hunter Seen

As a particularly bad game, I can only highlight the miracle of Dead Age, which I had never encountered in a more horrific horror in my life, and it probably would have remained so if Chava had not honored me with the dubious glory of leaving it to me to test.

Anyway, I wouldn’t highlight a bad game, I’d rather highlight a bad movie, because for me, one of the biggest disappointments in the entertainment industry was Warcraft. My opinion will probably be in the ears of all my acquaintances, but Duncan Jones has successfully humiliated my favorite fantasy world, which I will never forgive him for.

Which do you think is the best game of 2016 and why?

2016 Review: As Hunter Seen

I didn’t have to think much about this, because I probably pushed most of the game hours into Overwatch this year (outside of WoW: Legion, but that goes without saying). Blizzard has come to realize that players need interesting characters and novel game mechanics after many years of LoLo. He probably won’t take the current king of escort off the throne, but he has finally provided a real alternative for competitive players.

What do you think was the biggest positive surprise of 2016?

For me, it was absolutely Star Wars – The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne that went so well that I couldn’t believe it. I need to know that I was and am a huge SWTOR fan, but nonetheless, I wasn’t particularly excited about the latest add-on until I installed the client from Rogue One and tried out the innovations.

Again, I managed to pack more than a hundred hours into the game in a toasty short time, and that’s largely because BioWare knew very well how to close the story that started last year and transform the end-game to make it lasting fun.

2016 Review: As Hunter Seen

Not in terms of gameplay, my tiny stream has even come as a surprise because it has received an amazing amount of love in recent weeks. Anyway, I was very surprised that I got three kittens out of nowhere. This is a very long story.

What surprises do you think are expected next year?

I believe somewhere that the total popular insult that the community and the press have cracked on No Man’s Sky has angered the team so much that they are starting to squeeze out brutal content. I think No Man’s Sky will be a very complex and serious title next time, which will be worth downloading again.

2016 Review: As Hunter Seen

I also expect that in addition to the League of Legends and CS: GO, a laughing third will be one of the most watched esport games. Overwatch may or may not be, but it should be something that will permanently engage the general public. I also see great potential in the Blizzard shooting range, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the new titanium suddenly explodes out of nowhere.

If so, who is your favorite commentator on GSO?

Last year, I declared with a great deal that “I name people” and I named people, I just got there that I can’t know now. There hasn’t been that much change in the GSO core brigade this year, so all I can say is that I love everyone. (I know it was the easy way, but my wrist already hurts from typing>.>.)

What do you expect from 2017?

If it is no longer called 2016, we will be fine there. Anyway, I could endure a year now without any kind of disaster. Let’s say this seems less and less likely, especially as my first driving watch gets closer and closer. Because I’m really going to learn to drive now, it’s just not going to be good for anyone.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

I described pretty much every year that I also want to be a better journalist, but since I never succeed, I accept something else. Next year, I’ll focus more on sports and learn from the greats on the subject. And I will follow my diet better. And I’m going to tie a bow on rainbows at sunrise. I dare to accept them in this way without remorse.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and lots of OW legends for everyone for the new year.

2016 Review: As Hunter Seen

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