2016 Review: As Nightwolf Saw.

Nightwolf continues the line of evaluators who, unlike the traditions, not only don’t scold FIFA and Star Wars, but praises them outright. It also shows that 2016 was a special year.

I ask those who meet Ervin or know his current contacts to tell him that if he has come across the Rammstein record I borrowed from me in the last 15 years, please give it back because 2001 was not today and I would like to listen a little too. Then he can be with him again, say until 2031. Okay, so tell him that with a nice smile on your face so he doesn’t get scared and run away. Thanks! Now that we are beyond the essentials, let the answers to the questions come, because RG said that they must come today, from me, to you, today, now, today.

2016 Review: As Nightwolf Saw

What was your best experience in 2016?

Kids, this year has been so unbelievable. I think it’s still March 20, 2016, just some idiot in the Central Date and Time Department poking in and scrolling forward with the month setting panel. But I think it’s not just me who sees it that way, but half of you have poured out the days and now they’re shocked, “Wow, these GS faces are writing about themselves again, so it’s December then, Mom, please tell me from the wall calendar! Thanks! Hey, it’s only March! I mean December… Now what? “
So I’m trying to scratch the memory card myself, but I don’t remember such a remarkably good thing, it’s just exciting, it’s also here at the end of the year. After a little more than 30 years of stay in Budapest, we decided to move our headquarters to Lake Balaton. Partly for variety, a little for good air, slightly for the future of life. As I write these lines, I sit on a pile of debris that comes with a complete home renovation, but don’t be so sorry because I can see the bluish body of water looking out the window. So I became a lake man, I take the name Zatarra (driftwood) and I get used to cooking reeds.

What was your worst experience in 2016?

It hurt here, pressed there, bleed there, I was a little sick, but for the past year of my own little life, there was nothing excruciating to strike. Maybe things in the world are rolling my soul. Those who not only sweep and beautify in front of their own doorstep, but also watch, feel, or deal with the problems of others living in other places, can sometimes have a hard time getting their heads to sleep. So I often sleep little when you understand what I mean.

2016 Review: As Nightwolf Saw

What was your best GSO experience in 2016?

I’m ashamed! This year, I could hardly be present at events or movements on the GS front. I didn’t even get to summer camp, even though I learned that a dear reader was only paying for and coming to beat me. I’m sorry, my dear ones want to hurt you, next year, if you still come after such a trauma, you can mess up twice, I promise! Then you can watch me take revenge, but not on you, but on Hunter, for example, while the others catch you, of course.
It was a pleasant moment, however, to shoot the current Lemon Prize, because I’ve never been an Arab poker dealer before, but I wonder if I could play an Arab poker dealer for a couple of scenes that opened the door from Las Vegas to the biggest game caves on the old continent.

What was your worst GSO experience in 2016?

It’s not because I don’t want to or dare to describe it, it just wasn’t. What, on the other hand, makes everyone close to GS, be it a writer or a reader, sip in early January is the anniversary of Gyu’s fall asleep. We often come to mind and often smile at our stories as well as the memories we have shared.

2016 Review: As Nightwolf Saw

Which do you think is the worst game of 2016 and why?

In addition to having enjoyable moments on No Man’s Sky, it’s a huge disappointment to me. Maybe I’ll go so far as to state that I feel offended for being cheated on with a big chatter before the show. I loved believing in him, loving believing in him, but not in a few hours. Luckily, I got away with this bitter, sour-slimy, yet hard-to-slip experience with a loan, I can’t even imagine the anger of those who made it easy for them with thousands of heavy ones.
I can’t really cite another game as a bad example, because this year was all about the replacements and I only took the good ones out of a circle.

Which do you think is the best game of 2016 and why?

Naughty Dog knows and knows and knows the recipe! Uncharted 4: Thief’s End is arguably the game of the year for me! However, if you like the pixelart genre and the retro vibe, I recommend Owlboy. A trickling, honey stream within Cake Country, which takes you to the Gulf of Gum, is a must-have piece in Hungarian.

2016 Review: As Nightwolf Saw

What do you think was the biggest positive surprise of 2016?

I never thought I would ever write these words down to this question, but Fifa 17 was very surprised. The fact that a young soccer guy, Alex Hunter, managed to tell the story of a sports program in a way that even I enjoy in addition to its mild style is very much appreciated by me! It was a smart move, because the latest part of Fifa is still taken away like sugar anyway, but with this move, it only became more so, moreover, that I don’t mention it now, but I cite it as a positive example. It was nice, I want an RPG from the developers next year, say Fifa: The Final Rolling.

What surprises do you think are expected next year?

I am currently living my replacement phase. Maybe I mentioned in last year’s reviewer, or in another article, that I’m definitely stepping into the current console generation, so there’s already room for a PS4 in the new house, and if you’re a goose, have a 4K soul so I’ll be completely surprised from the more beautiful sight. For me, this and the results of this will be new, rockingly pleasant, especially since it will be full of titles that are of particular interest to the platform: Detroit: Become Human, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, God of War 4, just to make it mandatory let me mention. Also, I hope Sony doesn’t give up on its handheld gadgets because I’m there for the PSP, PS Vita line. There is little chance that they will announce such a development next year, but Rogue Some also said that hope is the point.

If so, who is your favorite commentator on GSO?

Sorry, I still have a good habit of not reading comments almost anywhere. I hope only good people come to write to us, and of course a couple of crazy people can fit in.

2016 Review: As Nightwolf Saw

What do you expect from 2017?

To find Ervin and listen to the Mutter album again, hopefully in a completely renovated house. And on the gameplay, I’d love another Guild Wars 2 add-on, the frenzy and uncensored madness of South Park: The Fractured but Whole, a lot of dazzling Indie titles, and I’m excited to continue The Last of Us. Finally, I pay close attention to Part 7 of Resident Evil, because if it’s going to be good (why would it be bad?), It’s certainly a God-brought VR world.

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