You know how it works in football. Many lenses are nothing special. But there are always times when players do magic, “unwrap the hammer,” as they say, or dribble through all the defense and then put the ball into the goal.

What actually happens also applies to FIFA 20. Sometimes there are amazing goals that you didn’t think were possible. Whether that’s a reason to be happy or not depends on whether you scored the goal or whether the ball landed in your net.

Anyway, every once in a while there are some really cool or weird goals, either in the form of individual or team performances. They all have one thing in common. They are worth the detour. But find out for yourself …

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1. Le Hulk

Let’s start with the Hulk. No, not the big green Hulk of the Marvel Universe, but the one who plays Fulham FC. And here you can see him conquer the ball in his own half, leaving an opponent to stand with a skillful turn, run to the other penalty area and throw the ball into the goal.

2. A piece of Sané

Striker Leroy Sanè not only shows in the German national team jersey what he can do. A phenomenal, no less impressive conclusion is Marvin Ducksch’s goal. You can do it this way if you have enough confidence in your own abilities.

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3. Don’t hold

With this goal, it proves that Didier Drogba knows how to take free kicks. He infallibly hits the ball on the defenders who stand in the wall. And then the ball goes down in such a way that it fits exactly under the crossbar and at the same time flies so high that it can no longer reach the dart keeper.

4. Certainly no handball

Volta Football is the new game mode in FIFA 20 and here you play on smaller pitches in different cities. After an attack, the keeper grabs the ball here and throws it in an arc across the pitch, where it hits the underside of the crossbar and ends up behind the line. You have to do it first.

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5. Precision pays off

In this video, it’s the AI ​​taking a pretty picture of the hat. Former Dortmund Paco Alcácer takes the ball just before the penalty area, gets a little closer and then twists the leather with the greatest possible precision in the corner of the goal so that the keeper can do nothing more. A dream.

6. Alone against everyone

Sometimes you have to do it alone. Like Karim Benzema in this video. Real Madrid kick off and from the center circle Benzema crosses the opposing midfield and defense alone to throw the ball into the goal.

7. Just hit it

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Lionel Messi is a god of football. He also proves it virtually in this scene. He has the ball near the center circle and shoots from there to goal. The ball flies and flies over the astonished keeper who stands a few meters too far in front of his box. The pike no longer helps.

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