21 reasons why you should get FIFA 21.

1. More ways to play than ever

FIFA 21 has new features that allow you to experience the game of the world in completely new ways. Join your friends and take on the whole world in FUT and VOLTA FOOTBALL. Stand up to the greatest in football and many more with VOLTA’s mold breakers. Or put your skills to the test with endless new skill games. There are a lot of cool things!

2. Create the squad and even the stadium of your dreams

21 reasons why you should get FIFA 21

Have you ever wanted to bring Mbappé and Maradona together? Or Haaland and Henry? With FIFA Ultimate Team you can choose from thousands of players and create the team of superstars of your dreams, both past and current. Plus, now in FUT 21 you can customize and turn your stadium into a veritable cauldron with new tifos, amazing chants, impressive trophies and much more in your FUT Stadium.

3. Team up with the FUT community

21 reasons why you should get FIFA 21

Compete or collaborate with the community in new FUT events where you will be part of a team and can unlock rewards. Plus, find a partner and take on the AI ​​in Squad Battles, or other pairs or solo players in Division Rivals online, with the new FUT co-op mode. They may not play as well as you, but remember that they do the best they can.

4. Enjoy live content during the season

21 reasons why you should get FIFA 21

FUT presents the ultimate connection to the real world of soccer thanks to special content based on what happens on the fields. What happens in the real world has a huge impact on the game: from special items from the UEFA Champions League to major upgrades to Team of the Week if players offer us great moments during the weekend.

5. Play as the king

21 reasons why you should get FIFA 21

From king to ICON. Eric Cantona joins the FUT 100, one hundred of the greatest footballers of all time. But you will not be alone. Please welcome Xavi, Lahm, Eto’o, Torres, and many more, joining Zidane, Pelé, Maradona, Ronaldinho and Cruyff to the list of legends you can add to your FUT squad.

6. Run your FUT club wherever you are

Hire star players, customize your stadium, share your squad and much more. Control your club wherever and whenever you want by downloading the FUT companion app for iOS and Android, or also on your desktop device with the FUT web app.

21 reasons why you should get FIFA 21

7. You can go back to the streets and this time do it online with friends

VOLTA FOOTBALL is back for its second season, bringing you authentic street football on pitches and tracks around the world and with new game modes. The new VOLTA TEAMS allow you to create an online team with your friends and take on the world in 5v5 matches. You can even play Milan – Inter on the streets of Milan with VOLTA Quick Matches!

8. Challenge the stars with VOLTA’s mold breakers

21 reasons why you should get FIFA 21

In addition to VOLTA TEAMS and VOLTA Quick Matches, HIGHLIGHTED BATTLES allow you to take on some of the great personalities of the different worlds of football, music, fashion and much more, with the possibility of recruiting them for your team . Take a look at Diplo’s skills on the ball or find out if Anthony Joshua can shoot as well as he fights. Mold breakers have arrived in FIFA 21.

9. Six new locations

Play in six new locations in VOLTA FOOTBALL: a geodesic dome in Dubai, Sydney’s waterfront, a rooftop in downtown São Paulo, the streets of Milan or Paris, and the VOLTA STADIUM. They all add up to 23 incredible soccer fields on six continents!

10. More customization

21 reasons why you should get FIFA 21

Personalization is key in VOLTA FOOTBALL and FIFA 21 is betting on a wide range of adidas clothing, professional football clubs, street football teams and collections designed by celebrities, which you can unlock and wear. Or you can also wear something a little more extravagant …

11. Enjoy unmatched realism

With 17,000 players and more than 700 teams, 90 licensed stadiums and more than 30 leagues, FIFA 21 offers you unmatched realism with exclusive access to some of the world’s biggest competitions. Savor what it feels like to lift the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, CONMEBOL Libertadores, Premier League, Bundesliga and more, only in FIFA 21.

21 reasons why you should get FIFA 21

12. The smartest gameplay in FIFA history

New gameplay features in FIFA 21 reward you for your creativity and control. Take control of your team’s game plan with Creative Offsets, outmaneuver defenders with Agile Dribbling, and enjoy game enhancements across the field.

13. The management of your team, even more detailed

Whether you’re in charge of Real Madrid or Real Salt Lake, Independiente Medellín or Inter Milan, FIFA 21’s Career Mode lets you experience what it’s like to manage your team’s path to glory with the most exciting features. detailed to date.

14. New depth in matches

A new interactive game simulator lets you play the season in a new way. Intervene whenever you want in matches to change the result and control important moments such as penalties or fouls, and make changes directly from the simulator while analyzing the performance levels of your players and the statistics of the match.

15. Training

Try placing Alexander-Arnold as a midfielder or move Jõao Félix to the wing with the new position conversions, which will allow you to fill the gaps in your team and configure development plans so that your players progress and adapt to your style of play. game. Plus, take more control of your workout with a new planner that lets you choose when to train and when to rest to balance ease and freshness, and ensure you’re performing 100 percent.

21 reasons why you should get FIFA 21

16. Transfers

Whether you want to sign Mbappé or the next Mbappé, the improved realism of transfers gives you new ways to sign players thanks to new transfers with option to buy, which will allow you to test players before committing to add them to your squad. permanently. And, if you prefer, you can even increase the budget with a financial boost of up to 500 million extra that will help you sign the odd superstar.

17. Celebrate your best moments with more class

Goals have to be celebrated. FIFA 21 lets you jump, dance, take a selfie, and pose in style with new celebrations like Erling Haaland’s lotus pose, Kylian Mbappé’s crying baby, and more! Check them all out here.

21 reasons why you should get FIFA 21

18. Skill, with more swagger

Ball drag with twist threat. Drive. Directed tunnel. Tread to the heel. Feint forward and turn. Five new watermarks for you to master and use in your game as you fight your way through rivals in FIFA 21.

19. Get additional content throughout the season with EA Play

Join EA Play and you can get more out of FIFA throughout the season. If you want member rewards, like XP boosters that will get you to level 30 faster, or stadium sets that will make your stadium stand out from the crowd, EA Play is the place to be.

20. The dual version allows you to keep progress when you buy a new generation console

Get FIFA 21 for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and you can upgrade your copy of FIFA 21 for the next generation equivalent console (PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X | S) at no additional cost before the launch of FIFA 22. † Plus, you’ll be able to track your progress in VOLTA FOOTBALL and FIFA Ultimate Team! A digital copy of FIFA 21 is required to use the game on consoles without a disc drive (PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S).

21. And who knows, maybe you could even play against one of these players… The stars play too. Join them now!