If you do not have your eyes on the new Sony or Microsoft consoles and you want the Nintendo switch, Singles Day 2020 is the perfect time to get hold of it. You have it in AliExpress Plaza for about 212.99 euros of real bargain.

Buy the Nintendo Switch at the best price

Nintendo’s most versatile console has a recommended price of 329 euros, and on occasion we can find it for about 299 euros, but it is not usual to see it so cheap. To buy it for these 212.99 euros, we will have to hurry and take advantage of the coupon NINTENDO120 of AliExpress Plaza while it’s available and from 9:00. We will thus be saving about 79 euros by being able to choose the gray or neon model. We will also have free shipping and from Spain.

From the Nintendo Switch we highlight its versatility on the rest of consoles on the market. With it we will have both a laptop and a desktop console,

It has a 6 inch touch screen, with 1280×720 resolution and offers us an incredible catalog of its own games, with the charisma that Nintendo characters always bring, and many third-party games that we can also enjoy with it.

And don’t forget the charisma of their games, with a catalog full of exclusive titles with characters like Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong and many more.

More offers

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212 euros and free shipping on Aliexpress Plaza with this coupon