With Book Day upon us, it’s a good time to have a little detail with these book lovers… that we can even be ourselves. If you are hungry for ideas to read or give, you will find in this article a selection of comics and science fiction novels with a supplement which, although it is not science fictionIt is highly recommended.

“Vorkosigan Saga” by Lois McMaster Bujold

McMaster Bujold is, both critically and publicly, one of the best sci-fi writers of recent times and with his saga focused on the adventures of Miles Vorkosigan we will be diving into space with a special sense of humor and a fine irony. Of the 16 books that make up the saga, fifteen have been translated into Spanish.

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“Binti”, by Nnedi Okorafor


While you can get the trilogy in a pack if you don’t mind reading it in English ($ 16.53), if you’d rather enjoy these three surprising sci-fi works by African Nnedi Okorafor in Spanish, you will need to purchase them separately. Despite its sci-fi themes, there is a background to current Western culture and its prejudices… and it all starts when society as we know it has failed in favor of new places, means of communication and new species.

Claire North: “The first fifteen lives of Harry August”


Imagine dying and being reborn in the same place and at the same time… but knowing everything you know now. This is what happens to Harry when in his eleventh reincarnation a mysterious girl sends him a disturbing message: the world is ending and there is nothing he can do to change it. It is the starting point of an exhaustive tour of the fifteen births, lives, deaths and resurrections of one of the most special characters in recent fantasy literature.

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“Under the City’s Skin: Wes Marino”, by Eleazar Herrera


Wes Marino is a stubborn journalist who will investigate the Arealevo Corporation, which markets with Second Youth. Murders, transhumanism and disappearances in a thriller that uses science fiction to delve into something as real as the human being and its expiration date.

Kameron Hurley Light Brigade


A war changes people, both those who actively participate in it and those who suffer from it. And in the case of interplanetary wars, soldiers also come back with changes in their structure, being “caught” by the light. But these wars are very different from those we are “used to” because the timing of each soldier also plays a role here. What is real and what is high command manipulation?

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«Red Moon» de Kim Stanley Robinson

Red Moon

In “Red Moon” we are not far from our present time, but over the past three decades we have successfully colonized the moon and made it habitable. And it was while he was installing a communications system that Fred Fredericks witnessed a murder. Multiple protagonists targeting suspects in this compelling novel of space exploration and political revolutions.

«I’m a Legend» de Richard Matheson


60 years have passed since the launch of this horror classic that deals with survival in a biological warfare in which those who managed to stay on their feet are now vampires in a society with a new established order. Loneliness, isolation and questioning, what is normal and what is abnormal?

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“The city and the city”, by China Miéville


The work that catapulted its author to glory ten years ago relates to the story of two twin cities, but each ignores the existence of the other, until a murder occurs. It will then be that the discovery of this identical commune will provoke an identity war between nationalists and trade unionists.

“Critical Systems” by Martha Wells


This novel has in its history the Hugo, Nébuleuse and Locus prizes and we will see global missions and a starting point that makes us think: a future in which everything is controlled by entities and private companies. With this premise, security is in the background in favor of closing deals at the lowest price.

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Auxiliary Justice par Ann Leckie

To the

It’s a story that, through its plot, could be the next big screen hit. A soldier finds himself on a mission to a distant and frozen planet, which more than a mission is a punishment for treason. Achieving your goal and getting revenge is the leit motif job.

Solid State par Matt Fraction


Last year came this graphic novel that accompanied artist Jonathan Coulton’s eponymous album, an original proposal straddling Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and ‘Office space’. In addition, it was designed by Albert Monteys, creator of “¡Universo!” and one of the best sci-fi illustrators around

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Jessica Campbell’s ‘XTC69’


“XTC69” (11.40 euros) is a feminist science fiction from popular publisher Astiberri (“El Vecino” in comic book form. In it, Commander Jessica Campbell and her crew search for space for clues from “How to be John Malkovich” and lots of humor in this fun play that reviews patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia and racism.

“Spiderman: A Life” by Chip Zdarsky


One of the brightest Marvel hero comics of recent years that hides a simple yet complex premise: What if Peter Parker got old in real time?

“Doctor Who: The Many Lives of the Doctor”, various authors


If you love ‘Doctor Who’ this comic is a must have to have or give as a gift, a permanent tribute to fans, or to continue to cherish fans. Thirteenth incarnation filled with flashbacks with details from each era.

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“Barrier”, by Marcos Martín Milanés, Muntsa Vicente and Irene Vidal


Finding changes for a better life for Oscar and protecting the ranch from Liddy’s drug cartels are the two different starting points for “Barrier” (€ 24.70), but together they will face a challenge in this gang. drawn very different.

“In a ray of sunshine” by Tillie Walden


Because everything is not going to be a thriller, in ‘En un rayo de sol’ (26.50 euros) we came across a graphic novel with two chronologies and second chances full of sensitivity – both in content and in style to ‘perform – with love as the maximum representative of human relations.

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“The Wild Storm” by Warren Ellis


Ellis returns through the front door with “The Wild Storm” (€ 15.15), a reimagining of the comic universe (and its characters) with global plots hatched between two mega-agencies.

“The Fourth World”, by Jack Kirby


For lovers of comics and the Marvel – DC universe, this tribute to the legendary creator Jack Kirby – who in the 70s went from Marvel Comics to DC causing a sensation – with the saga of “The Quartth World” (33 , 25 euros) in full, in chronological order and in color.

“The Great X-Patrol Novel,” by Ed Piskor


In “The great novel of the X-Patrol” (17.10 euros), Ed Piskor keeps what his title promises: he takes the complete story of the Marvel mutants and condenses it in this surprising comic which collects hundreds of stories. A must for lovers of this superhero factory.

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‘Saga’, by Brian K. Vaughan (English)


Winner of the Hugo in 2013 for best graphic story, tells the love story of two soldiers from opposite camps who fall in love in an endless galactic war.

  • For 12.11 euros in paper format on Amazon and 6.99 euros in Kindle format (free with Kindle Unlimited)

«Mister Miracle» de Tom King


A few months ago, Albertini analyzed this “Mr Milagro” for SamaGame (33.25 euros), calling him “” Watchmen “of the 21st century”, succeeding in capturing a superhero story that delves into the complexity of our trauma.

‘House of X / Powers of X’ de Jonathan Hickman (anglais)


We continue to offer alternatives to read or give away in the Marvel Comics Universe with these two comics from last year. The two are part of the crossover that led to the rebirth of “Dawn of X”.

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Bonus: ‘Die Volume 1: Fantasy Heartbreaker’ by Kieron Gillen (English)

pass away

The extra comes in the form of an unscientific, but very interesting comic book: “Die Volume 1: Fantasy Heartbreaker” is the first volume of a rather dark fantasy with a group of forty who must return to their teenage years. , trauma, challenges and achievements of the time.

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