Apple introduced its new operating systems just over 24 hours ago during the WWDC20 inaugural address, one of the best we have seen in recent years. A lot of light bulbs were taken, as usual, iOS 14, the iPhone operating system.

The first developer beta appeared exactly 24 hours ago and – I’m like that – it didn’t take more than 5 minutes to download, well a little longer because the servers were full, but you told me. say understand. Now that I spent a whole day with iOS 14 installed on my personal iPhone, an iPhone 11 Pro, I want to share with you all my experience with the new Apple system.

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iOS 14: a long-awaited change

The main new feature included in iOS 14 is the new widgets which change a home screen that had 13 virtually identical versions: an application grid. But there are other aspects of the system that need to be evaluated at this point, let’s go.

Performances IOS 14 beta 1

This is perhaps the least important thing to evaluate at this point, the performance of the first betas may be far from what we see in the final versions. however the fluidity of this first beta version of iOS 14 surprises, I didn’t notice anything strange, no slowdowns and applications that suddenly quit, and that we are only in the first version. In other years he never recommended its installation, but he did not. It’s a good start.

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Widgets IOS 14

It is without a doubt The first thing I tried when I installed iOS 14 on my iPhone. This is a new way to personalize our device and make it a little more unique, they will not all be the same with columns and rows of apps, now every user can put the widgets they are most interested in on their home page.

iOS 14

The operation of the widgets is perfectly correct, although there are a few small errors. for example some are not translated into Spanish and others, like the one that shows your activity, sometimes doesn’t draw the graphs correctly. Here it should be noted that we are facing a beta and these failures will be polished in the final version.

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The only thing I miss with widgets is the possibility for developers to integrate their own. At the moment, we can have third-party widgets in their usual space, to the left of everything, like in iOS 13. But these cannot be added to the home screen. This is something Apple should appreciate for future updates.


Apple promised that Siri is now smarter and able to search the web and answer more questions, it didn’t give me time to assess whether it has improved or not, but what I have liked is its new user interface. Siri no longer takes up the whole screen, it appears right on the side to help you and show you information without interrupting what you are doing, an Apple hit.

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At the end!

finally calls do not interrupt youIt might sound silly, but it’s one of the features that I have been waiting for the most. It happens like with Siri, we use iPhone and iPad for a lot of things and we don’t want to be interrupted, to be able to continue watching video or doing other things from iPhone while a call is coming in. something worth updating to iOS 14.


Want more

But all is not good in iOS 14, there are functions which, or directly are not available or will take a long time to arrive. For example, app clips, those instant apps under 10MB that we can use without downloading take a long time to become available. Another example of a novelty that we cannot prove unless you live in one of the selected cities is the cycle routes in Maps, this is something that will not happen soon in our country, unfortunately.

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IOS 14 bike

IOS 14 beta 1 bugs

Yes, the beta version of iOS 14 is quite stable, but it does not mean that there are no errorsThey are not serious, but there are. We have compiled the most important in a list, although there are surely more hidden. For example, we know that popular games like Fornite don’t work with iOS 14, they will need to be updated. I also had issues with other apps like Twitter, which is unable to display videos and GIFs in the thumbnails. I haven’t noticed any issues in banking apps which is great news as they often fail in these betas. Granted, other apps will appear that don’t work properly anyway, it doesn’t matter for a first beta.

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iPhone iOS 14

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this is my First review after spending 24 hours with iOS 14 on my iPhoneand the general feeling is quite positive. While you have to keep in mind that the news and changes are no exaggeration outside of what I have commented on, iOS 14 is very similar to iOS 13, indicating the maturity of Apple’s mobile operating system. .

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