25 tricks, tips and secrets that Final Fantasy VII Remake does not tell you and that it will be good for you to know.

We offer you 25 tricks, tips and secrets that Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade they do not tell you and that you can take advantage of your games by obtaining a series of advantages and knowledge.

The immensity offered by Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade means that practically two games are never the same, and that is why there are dozens of tips and tricks that are yet to be discovered and that will come in handy to take advantage of each of the actions that are proposed to you throughout the adventure.

How will you still be during the first bars of Final Fantasy VII Remake, we want to point out a series of tips and secrets, and in this way you can take advantage of them from the beginning, without having missed the opportunity.

25 tricks, tips and secrets that Final Fantasy VII Remake does not tell you and that it will be good for you to know

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25 tricks, tips and secrets that Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade do not tell you and that it will be good for you to know

  • Give preference to unlocking more matter slots for weapons and armor: matters are one of the fundamental elements of the game, and it is convenient that from the beginning of the adventure you have unlocked all the slots that you can in weapons and armor.
  • Level up the subjects: another thing we must focus on is to raise the level of all our subjects and use all that we can in weapons and armor. With this we want to tell you that you are not always using a single material in your weapons and armor, and that you keep changing so that you can have them all leveled for when you are more advanced in the story.
  • The importance of the healing material: it is essential that all the members of our team, and therefore the characters that we have, always have healing material since it is one of the essential skills for adventure.
  • Bet on the cured car: in this case it is not necessary that you put it on all the team members, but one of the main ones has the self-healing material, which will allow us to have a safe conduct in those games in case we get confused with the theme of the life bar.
  • Do not hesitate to spend time in the inns or in any structure that fills your life and magic at once: as easy as this, do not miss the opportunity to use all these places and elements that will fill our health bar to the fullest and magic.
  • Control the level of health and magic of the team battle after battle: even if you are in easy and simple battles, at any moment you could suffer a major attack. Watch carefully the level of life and magic of all team members who are participating in the battle at all times.
  • Aeris is tremendously powerful – she is a character that arguably stands above the rest, so feel free to use Aeris’s prayer to heal your entire team, as well as the rest of the girl’s spells in combat. .
  • Specialize the invocations in the characters: try that each of the characters that we have specializes in one or two invocations, so that they use them to a greater extent in battles.
  • Empower All Weapons: Whenever you get a new weapon, it is advisable to equip it until you try to unlock its unique ability. Obviously if you are going to face a very powerful enemy, bet on your best weapon.
  • Take advantage of discounted items in vending machines: when you come across vending machines and see that there are discounts on a number of items, don’t miss the opportunity because any money we save will be essential.
  • Use the steal matter: it is one of the classic materials, which you can use to steal certain objects, and even weapons and armor from enemies. In any case, do not use it in vain, and make sure you can steal the enemies you are facing.
  • Analyze the enemies: it is essential that whenever you find an enemy that you have not evaluated before, you do it, not only because it gives us advantages in combat, but because we can also overcome a series of combat reports.
  • Do not hesitate to configure your skills to have quick commands: this will allow you to make battles much more agile.
  • Control when abilities are executed, because it could fail: some abilities could fail after being cast if the enemy is not within your range, if they dodge the attack or if another enemy gets in the way, so never let go of the controller until see that the attack has been executed.
  • Try holding down the L1 button when using items to stay in the menu itself and keep using more and more repetitively. This will save you a few seconds so you don’t have to constantly open the menu.
  • There is no foolproof weapon – this means that the basic mistake you can make is using the same weapon over and over with a character.
  • The missions that have a green marker on the map means that they are secondary, and you must complete absolutely all of them as soon as you have them available. It is a mistake that you leave them for later.
  • In case you did not know, you can press the L2 trigger to toggle between the mini map, the compass or leave absolutely nothing on the interface.
  • The places marked with purple on the map are discoveries, a kind of optional challenges that you may not be able to do at that moment when you discover them because they require a particular element, but that you should not forget and do later.
  • When you have previously evaluated an enemy, you do not have to evaluate him again, and simply by clicking on the touch panel when you are in a battle you will be able to see the information again of that enemy that you previously evaluated.
  • Don’t leave any Shinra boxes unopened as they contain a number of random items and quite interesting items.
  • The same happens with the Moogle medals that will appear gradually and randomly, and that you should not leave any because later on they have greater importance.
  • Be careful with selling the material that you have repeated, since there are certain subjects that will not appear again in the rest of the story and you will have lost the opportunity to equip some other character with said material.
  • Don’t worry because Chadley will appear throughout the game in as many cities, so you can buy more material from him or even give him the combat reports.
  • Once you finish the game, you will have the possibility to return to the initial locations with which you will be able to complete as many missions that you have left or find those secret matters that you could not locate.

Through these tips and tricks that Final Fantasy VII Remake doesn’t tell you you will be able to count on a series of added advantages throughout history and that you will appreciate as you continue to advance. If, on the other hand, you have not yet decided to do with the latest Square Enix game, in our Final Fantasy VII Remake analysis we tell you what you can expect. Remember that you can download Final Fantasy VII Remake for free if you have a PS Plus subscription in March 2021.

25 tricks, tips and secrets that Final Fantasy VII Remake does not tell you and that it will be good for you to know

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25 tricks, tips and secrets that Final Fantasy VII Remake does not tell you and that it will be good for you to know