A few days to start the month of August, it’s time to review the launches that await us this summer month. And we do it first with games we’ll see throughout 31 days on PS4, ultimately condemning the majority.

Yes, last week will be the most productive, with a barrage of stocks that is difficult to contain for our portfolio. The only pity is that this month there will be no more exclusivity, being Ghost of Tsushima the last (of weight) of PS4 in 2020.

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Blasphemous: the agitation of dawn

  • When: August 4
  • Where: DLC (PS4)
  • How much: FREE
  • Exclusive? No, it will also be released on Nintendo Switch, Steam and Xbox One

What’s better than a free extension? That it be accompanied by a dub in Spanish by a luxury cast, as we learned a few days ago. There are many reasons to return to Blasphemous. Especially when you see it for 12.99 euros.


  • When: August 4
  • Where: Digital PS4
  • How much: to be confirmed (reservation not yet available)
  • Exclusive? No, it will also be released on Steam, Xbox One, and Stadia

Within this kind of games with cubic puzzles and first person, in the vein of the mythical Portal or the alleged QUBE, Mighty Polygon offers us this Relicta which left us good vibes with its demo in June. Your weapons? Magnetism and gravity, with the allure of its wide variety of biomes.

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Dying Light: Hellraid

  • When: August 13
  • Where: DLC (PS4)
  • How much: 9.99 euros
  • Exclusive? No, it will also be released on Steam and Xbox One

Techland continues to fully squeeze Dying Light and show their love for this “little creature” in which we hunt zombies by day and hunt at night. And now, after a lot of free DLC and the paid expansion The After, comes this rarity that will completely change its appearance to take us to hell through an arcade. There will be smitten skeletons.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remasterisé

  • When: August 27
  • Where: Digital PS4
  • How much: to be confirmed (reservation not yet available)
  • Exclusive? No, it will also be released on Switch. The original was released on GameCube
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The remaster of the strange Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles released in Nintendo Cube in 2003, will come without the need for four Game Boy Advances to take advantage of your cooperative mode. It was a different and risky RPG from Square Enix, which arrives improved, but at the same time without local mode, for the moment, having to resort to an Internet connection. The good thing is that it will have cross play and compatibility with Android / iOS devices.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

  • When: August 28
  • Where: PS4 in physics
  • How much: 49.99 euros
  • Exclusive? No, it will also be released on Steam and Nintendo Switch
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Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is the most high profile release of the whole month of August due to the repercussion of the return of Oliver and Benji, one of the great manganimes of our childhood. Bandai Namco will ensure a good goal with the The most colorful football star game of 2020.

Wasteland 3

  • When: August 28
  • Where: PS4 in physics
  • How much: 54.99 euros
  • Exclusive? No, it will also be released on PC and Xbox One

Fallout’s father has modernized with the excellent Wasteland 2 and now is the time for its full consecration with the promising Wasteland 3, where inXile will take us to a hostile place with low temperatures and endless dangers typical of a world that has suffered a nuclear apocalypse. A demanding tactical strategy that few people have seen and full of multiple possibilities depending on our decisions.

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Releases on PS4 from August 1 to 31

Here is a list with all games coming out on PS4 Throughout the month of August, either physically (in bold) or numerically. And with your date by the side.

  • Blasphemous: The Stir of Dawn (08/04) (DLC)
  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (08/04)
  • Abandoned (04/08)
  • Skully (04/08)
  • Clan N (06/08)
  • Fast and furious crossroads (07/08)
  • Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? Infinite combat (07/08)
  • Swimsanity! (07/08)
  • Railroad Empire: Complete Collection (07/08)
  • Dying Light: Hellraid (08/13) (DLC)
  • UFC 4 (14/08)
  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker Definitive Edition (08/18)
  • PGA 2K21 Tower (21/08)
  • Samurai Jack: Battle in Time (08/21)
  • Descenders (25/08)
  • Insurgency: Sandstorm (08/25)
  • Jet Girls de Kandagawa (25/08)
  • No straight roads (25/08)
  • Street football (25/08)
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (27/08)
  • SKYHILL: Black Mist (08/27)
  • Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions (28/08)
  • Giraffe and Annika (08/28)
  • Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars (28/08)
  • Madden NFL 21 (28/08)
  • CARS 3 project (28/08)
  • Road to Guangdong (28/08)
  • Wasteland 3 (28/08)
  • Windbound (08/28)
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Like every week, new dates are confirmed (and many others are modified), we recommend that you take note of our Google calendar (iCal | HTML), where we update all games instantly every day, specifying whether they are released physically or digitally. If you run out, leave it in the comments.

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