2K has released a Humble Bundle with games for Playstation consoles.

The games are only compatible with accounts from American countries. You can consult the complete list of countries here, which covers more than a dozen Latin American countries.

If not, creating an American account is a fairly simple process that you can find as soon as you search and it will allow you to activate the PS3 and PS4 games without problem. The Vita, however, can only be associated with one account, so you will need to reset the system if you want to install the included games.

$ 1 includes XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus (Vita), Civilization Revolution 2 Plus (Vita), The Bureau: XCOM Declassified with all DLC (PS3), and Evolve (PS4). Above average, currently € 5.04, includes XCOM: Enemy Within (PS3), Bioshock (PS3), Borderlands (PS3), Borderlands 2 Ultimate Edition (PS3), Mafia 2 (PS3), Spec Ops: The Line (PS3) and $ 9.99 credit for the F2P version of Battleborn (PS4). For $ 20 we have XCOM 2 for PS4.

The promotion will last for two weeks and no more games will be added.

2K Releases Humble Bundle for PS3, PS4 and Vita
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