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September 08, 2020


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Dividing games into episodes isn’t a bad idea, but it’s usually not well implemented. Either the development studio goes bankrupt mid-season, so the next episode has to wait two months, or even the project will be closed without explanation. The recent Tell me why (which currently cannot be bought in Russia), but it is questionable whether it was necessary to divide the game into three parts. But for 3 out of 10 this approach seems perfect – it’s a gaming sitcom that, like the sitcoms on TV, was released weekly. You don’t have to pay for it – all five episodes are available for free.

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Well the office

The scene is the world’s worst game company Shovelworks Studios (that’s kind of a pun – in English the word shovelware is used to describe bad, low budget projects). She’s never released anything that scores more than 3 out of 10 from the press or regular users, but her next game should be a hit – at least the studio’s lead designer says. This is an endless runner on a surfer escaping from a shark, the main feature is that the game has an end.

For the team, the past week hasn’t been the most productive – the host has exploded in the workplace (literally). But the CEO managed to find a replacement for him – Midge became the new host, who appeared to be going just for an interview, but was suddenly hired. She will have to meet everyone, find herself in several trouble and also discover her true destiny – it is mentioned at the end of the first episode.

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3 out of 10 reviews of the game

The artist’s workplace is, of course, a creative mess.

Shovelworks really seems like the worst studio: the designer decides to change the shark’s name without warning anyone and leaving it looking the same, then the impulsive artist will start yelling at everyone, holding a bat in his hands. A strange creature with tentacles lives in the refrigerator, and an alien-looking tech artist is constantly drinking ketchup. A team of engineers are located somewhere in the basement and feed on offers in the form of unsuspecting interns – they are delivered in college animal transports with a suspicious name.

At the same time, a friendly atmosphere in the team remains despite everything and we get attached to the characters, like in a good sitcom, very quickly. Sometimes they find themselves in absurd situations, sometimes they make big jokes – about the specifics of the industry, about modern trends and sometimes just about colleagues. There are a lot of hilarious moments, especially in the third and fifth episodes, where there are scenes so ridiculous that it becomes hard to stop laughing. Good acting also contributes to this – absolutely all lines are expressed here.

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3 out of 10 reviews of the game

Heroes often meet outside the office.

It is a pity that the central storyline of Midge’s mission is never developed. She is usually forgotten for several episodes and is not called back until the end of the game, showing a cliffhanger and leaving many more questions than answers. In the Fifth Chapter finale, it is reported that the second season begins in 2021 – maybe this story will get more attention. The first season can be thought of as a set of five independent episodes, in each of which the characters encounter a problem and attempt to resolve it (not always using standard methods).

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The game is there too

Each episode lasts about half an hour, that is, in total it will not take more than three hours. While much of the timing is non-interactive videos, there are gameplay episodes as well. Sometimes the player is allowed to take control of the character and walk around the office – chatting with employees, examining items on tables and in closets, or trying out the latest version of the game on a shark and a surfer, which acquires new features with each episode. Besides the studio there are other places, but it is better to see everything yourself.3 out of 10 reviews of the game

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Even the worst game companies don’t do without a fly-by-night.

The funniest gameplay episodes are beautifully plotted mini-games that feature completely different mechanics. Either it’s a parody of the classic 2D RPG, then you run away from someone in first person or hide from the guards, then a race against time begins. The mini-games are always closely linked to what happens in the plot. If the character needs help moving the boxes, here’s what you’ll do. If someone attacks someone, you hit back. I don’t want to spoil surprises with spoilers, but you also start laughing at the absurdity of such moments.

If the plot looks so compelling compared to the mini-games that there’s no urge to run through them, you can skip them at any time. I didn’t want to do that, and there’s a certain incentive to complete them – the more successful you get, the more stars you give and the total points earned in the episode are listed at the end of the record board. Certainly, the result is compared to the success of game developers, and not to the global community.

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3 out of 10 reviews of the game

In some mini-games you have to collect stars yourself, in others they are given to get points or other actions.

Reason why 3 out of 10 distributed for free and available exclusively in the Epic Games Store, lies in its unusual technology. In this game, all of the items were created using the Unreal Engine Toolkit – no third-party software was used. As a result, transitions between videos and gameplay episodes are instantaneous, and the development process was a bit smoother than usual (previously the studio Terrible posture games freed shooters Cannon tower and Mothergunship). Having learned this, Epic games took an interest in the project and offered his support to the authors.

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A two-hour show was devoted to how the developers implemented this unusual idea:


Like a gaming sitcom 3 out of 10 good – and the game mechanics are varied (and can be skipped if you want to), and it’s a good laugh. It’s a shame that what is boldly hinted at in the finale of the first episode is forgotten until the end of the game, after which they suggest waiting for the second season – and it will appear already in 2021. But for everything else , the five episodes of the first season can only be praised: the characters are interesting and have a cold voice, there isn’t a single extra moment, and there are enough good quality jokes to keep the game going. can brighten up the evening and brighten up.

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Benefits: lots of humor, the quality of which remains high throughout the season; memorable characters with excellent voice acting; various mini-games (you can skip them if it is more interesting to follow the plot).

Less: the game ends with a cliffhanger, leaving many questions unanswered.

Source : The Verge