If we put a first generation iPhone SE alongside a Galaxy S20 Ultra… there’s no doubt that Samsung’s phone is infinitely better. It has more advanced technology, a brighter screen, and more accurate colors, and many would even say its design is more beautiful – although the latter will always be questionable – and current.

however, Apple iPhone SE still has some advantages over the Galaxy S20 Ultra. And it is surprising. Remember that we are talking about a smartphone that was released in 2016, before Samsung’s flagship, which was presented in 2020.

Before we start, it’s imperative to review and stress that we’re talking about the original iPhone SE, not the second-gen iPhone SE, which made the Galaxy S20 Ultra look ridiculous in a recent speed test. .

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Smaller, but easier to manage

In recent years, the telephone industry has focused on manufacturing ever larger mobile phones. We are talking about smartphones with screens up to 7 inches which allow users to enjoy their favorite Netflix series and their favorite YouTube videos in spectacular fashion. And yes it is. A big screen is much better.

But the iPhone SE with its small 4.7-inch display offers a huge advantage over phones as big as the Galaxy S20 Ultra: more maneuverability. It’s a wonder to explore content, write, use apps, and do other things all with one hand.

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Apps on Android… are just inferior

No, size doesn’t really matter. But speed does it. And while Android and iOS generally have the same apps, the experience isn’t the same. IOS applications work better. That is to say, IOS apps are faster, menus are smarter, and navigation is much more intuitive. Without forgetting the aesthetics of the design which, again, will depend on the tastes of each consumer.

The speed of the iPhone SE doesn’t just depend on its chip

Even today, the Apple iPhone SE is still a very fast phone. And its speed does not just depend on the processor it has integrated. But also the merger between Apple’s hardware and software. Of course, in terms of speed, we can’t compare a 2016 phone with a 2020 phone. However, we can do that at the user experience level.

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IPhone SE, thanks to iOS, offers a much smoother user experience than many Android phones. Do you need to enter a password? Press a button to access your password manager. Do you take a screenshot? After you edit or share it, you have the option to delete it immediately. Do you want to cut the calls? Slide the side button. Like these, there are hundreds of these functions. Of course, you can find some of these things on Android phones, but all together the iPhone SE provides a more complete and optimized experience.

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Obviously, few users would dare trade a Galaxy S20 Ultra for a 2016 iPhone SE. Not even for the new second-generation iPhone SE. All you have to do is look at their prices to know that the flagship Samsung is so much better. Unless, of course, you’re a big fan of iOS. In this case, it would make sense.

But you have to be honest, the original iPhone SE is still a wonderful phone and these reasons are more than enough to recognize that it offers some advantages over a 2020 smartphone. Either way, Android has it too. Its strengths, it has dozens and dozens of features that match or exceed the benefits of iOS, especially on a 2016 phone. Now it’s your turn to comment. What do you think of the original Apple iPhone SE? Do you have the Galaxy S20 Ultra? What advantages and disadvantages do they have?

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