32 series, movies and documentaries on Netflix, Filmin, HBO, Movistar +, Disney + and Apple TV +

Friday. Friday. Friday. How good that word sounds, at least for those of us who have the weekend to enjoy our hobbies. And, among those, is sitting on the couch and start watching a movie or series on our favorite streaming platform.

We already know the movie premieres, now we are going to know the 32 series, films and documentaries that are arriving these days on Netflix, HBO, Filmin, Movistar +, Disney + and Apple TV +.

‘Below zero’

Javier Gutiérrez stars in a promising thriller directed by Lluís Quílez. The plot revolves around a prisoner transport that is besieged by criminals who want to free one of the prisoners. Karra Elejalde and Luis Callejo accompany in the main cast of a film that, due to the pandemic, is experiencing its premiere on Netflix.

‘The hustlers’

The new series by Albert Espinosa presents us with a group of interned in a juvenile psychiatric center who escape to visit a little Europe. Álvaro Requena, Marco Sanz, Sara Manzano, Aitor Valadés and Héctor Pérez make up the cast of this inspiring drama

‘The excavation’

Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes star in a period drama that takes us back to the late 1930s. Based on the novel of the same name, the story revolves around a wealthy widow who hires an archaeologist to excavate burial mounds. An excavation that will end up discovering an important find.

‘Enemy Cosmetics’

The new film by K**e Maíllo comes directly to Filmin after being presented in the past Sitges. A dark story that brings together a successful architect with a mysterious young woman with whom he will start a conversation that ends in sinister directions.

‘Palm Springs’

One of the most outstanding films of 2020, at least of a fantastic genre, arrives in Direct Premiere mode at Movistar +. Andy Samberg stars in this time loop under the direction of Max Barbakow and the script by Andy Siara.


Justin Timberlake is the main attraction of this film directed by Fisher Stevens. The singer and actor leads a story of redemption around a high school football star who returns home after serving time.

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‘Bajocero’ on Netflix

‘Bajocero’ is a first-rate thriller that knows how to lay the foundations to hook the viewer, keep us in tension at all times without forgetting the need to have good characters. To that we must add a fairly careful script that is planting seeds that then always remember to collect. All this finished off with a great ending and a great job from the cast, especially from Javier Gutiérrez and Karra Elejalde. (Mikel Zorrilla)

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