With Command & Conquer Remastered Collection on the market since June 5, there’s a good chance you’re a regular in the Westwood Studios saga and need to rust. Or be a newcomer to those 90s RTS as well.

Anyway, here we have a series of tips and tricks for you. Maître Command & Conquer, de Tiberian Dawn et Red Alert.

Notions de base de Command & Conquer

  • The machine is very delicate in the countryside of both games, to the point of rebuilding on sites you’ve destroyed that don’t have other buildings nearby. And also in relation to the speed of construction or the way it manages its resources. Your priority should be destroy the main base building (keeping an eye on the map) to prevent him from building. With five Soviet tanks you will charge it in a blast C&C: Red alertFor example, don’t hesitate to be aggressive at a minimum.
  • First Command & Conquer the only “trick” as such, it’s old acquaintance that’s used as a cheat to counter AI tricks. Yes, the sandbag bug. If you block access to your base or any area the enemy passes through, it will be impossible for them to pass through. This way you will stay calm until you decide to sell a bag and the machine reactivates its movement. Ideal for the tough missions of The Covert Ops expansion.
  • Use the shortcut to force movement (alt + left click) to crush soldiers with heavy vehicles. Ideal with light tanks or APC (TBP), these cargo vehicles for the troops. The sound of crushing them is delicious.
  • Since we are talking about APC, a very useful tactic of the first C&C is that of load it up with various engineers to take it to the enemy base to drop these units and capture the most important buildings, from the main base to those for manufacturing or extracting resources. It must be remembered that this has been changed in Red Alert by needing the building to be destroyed to capture it, otherwise the engineers will do damage.
  • In the first C&C, if you capture a refinery while the collector continues to pour the tiberium, you will not only capture the building, but this vehicle as well.
  • The engineer can also steal some of the enemy’s money by capturing the silos, so keep that in mind as you get pasta and take it from the enemy.
  • Another important fact when capturing an enemy building is to have prepared the construction of an own barracks with another engineer on break. Or a large caliber tusk, like an obelisk, Tesla, etc. Surprise the rival from within, in short. If you play your cards right, it’s a sure win.
  • The ideal order to build a base from scratch varies depending on the mission or skirmish, but the most effective is usually (after the plant is built) a barracks then the refinery, eliminating in that time of wait for several standard infantrymen so that will explore the map.
  • Build multiple barracks or vehicle factories to speed up units. It’s not like in Age of Empires, where each factory was independent. The building you mark as the main one will be where they come out.
  • Grow your base and don’t get tied up in one place. Use the sandbag trick to get around the limitation of constructing buildings so close together or use Red Alert’s silos to do it faster. But do not overuse the refineries, it is recommended to create more collectors in the factory, especially in the second because they drop the load instantly.
  • Don’t abuse your defenses either. As much as you prefer turtle tactics in an RTS, try to take out varied infantry and different types of vehicles and put them along your base to cover all the francs. If you rely exclusively on your defenses, they can either sell you by cutting off the electricity (making them useless) or use units with a higher attack range.
  • Neither in Command & Conquer nor in Red Alert you can create waypoints to explore or from each plant, but you can use the direct shortcuts to control different groups with the keyboard (ctrl + number) or create macros on the screen to instantly access these points (ctrl + function key from F1 to F4). This will give you more versatility around the map.
  • WRET. Stick with these acronyms, as they each symbolize shortcuts for buildings (W), infantry (R), vehicles (E), and superweapons (T). Out of curiosity, this feature is due to the latest Red Alert 2 of 2000.
  • Don’t be afraid to destroy civilian churches, as they usually hide a chest of 5,000 silver. Browse the map to find gifts.
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Curiosities and tactics to know

Command and Conquer Remastered

  • Selling a building is not a mystery, but … Did you know that you can also sell vehicles? You just need to put them on the repair center platform, click on the sell icon and then click on that vehicle to earn money. Ideal in later stages of the game when the initial reserves of tiberium or gold are depleted and take longer to germinate.
  • Don’t be afraid to sell buildings, at all of this. Do it. A lot. Either to collect money after unlocking the radar upgrades (in terms of infantry and vehicles) and to do without this map view at the start, for example to ensure the energy to be spent on buildings or to meet unforeseen expenses.
  • Is there a lone tree bothering you at your base? You should know that you can destroy it if you force fire (ctrl + left mouse click) with a tank, infantry with rocket launchers and the like. Each unit with an explosive attack, go for it. Be careful, they will need a few shots, so be patient.
  • You can destroy a SAM NOD (anti-aircraft slot) with a single shot from the ion cannon if it is triggered by an air unit. It goes without saying that in each GDI campaign, if you destroy all the SAMs, you will have the air attack at your disposal, frankly useful against any enemy structure because it covers a significant field of action. It will be your best ally in these missions.
  • Take advantage of GDI air superiority to craft Orcs piece by piece and have the reapers attack. Even if you carry five, you can easily load a SAM. Do not be afraid. The worst that can happen is that one or two Orcs destroy you if there are more defenses, with which you will lose money.
  • The most efficient equivalent of Red Alert is carried out by Soviet MIGs, faster and to drop all their cargo on a more direct route.
  • Distance control. For example, rocket launchers can charge a guard tower without damage. And like this case, there are many more. Don’t be afraid to experiment with each unit, because in each campaign you will be required the most in certain sections to minimize allied losses.
  • Please note that in the first Command & Conquer vehicles cannot move and fire at the same time. This has been fixed in Red Alert. In this one, the best tactic is press the X key to disperse them while continuing to attack. Brilliant!
  • If you are infantry, the X is very useful in preventing a vehicle from crashing into you. You don’t have to click the map like a maniac, so don’t worry.
  • The Mammoth tank is one of the best vehicles in the series because it repairs itself up to half of its lifespan. In addition, it has ideal air-to-surface missiles against infantry or helicopters. One trick is to turn the Mammoth on its back to force this attack by default, even if it’s unsightly like that.
  • Don’t underestimate the Humvee (Light Scout) from GDI, since its turret rotates automatically when fired, without you having to orient the vehicle in this position. The infantry is dead if you can play cat and mouse.
  • Take a good look at your combines. Personally, in the campaigns, I put a number on the first ones (8, 9 and 0) to have them more controlled, so when I double-click on this number I go directly to each one. It is also advisable to watch them in the face of mineral extraction, as sometimes they get messy. And in Red Alert you have to prioritize minerals of different colors first, which give much more paste. This will give you a much more carefree start to the game.
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Other aspects to consider in this Remaster

Command and conquer

  • At the playable level, this Collection Remastered Command & Conquer It is fairly faithful to the classics of 1995 and 1996, without as many improvements as the free OpenRA project. This does not mean that there is no news in this regard, guard position (G) one of them. Yes, for your troops to approach and attack an approaching enemy. It should be polished more, yes.
  • Something that will help you in the countryside, in case you go up, is the new quick save (ctrl + N), in addition to the 90s standard.
  • In the first C&C, there is only one invisible unit, the NOD stealth tank. They can’t detect it unless it’s too close to the turrets or right next to the enemy, so use it to your advantage. Moreover, it will not attack by default.
  • If you happen to want to stop an attack (or movement), press the S key.
  • In Red Alert, on the other hand, there are several invisible units and here the best method to detect them is the Soviets’ dogs. In addition, they can charge groups of infantry in the blink of an eye. They are extremely deadly unless you know how to use them properly. Put a pet in your life.
  • The allied spy will be very useful to know enough information about the enemy. And the thief, to steal some of his money.
  • While the war coat it was not popularized in the saga until later Tiberian sun, the allies can form one thanks to the generator DIFFERENCE. They even have a vehicle that performs the same function so that the enemy cannot see over a specific area. Playing against AI is silly for you to do …
  • The allies have another diversionary maneuver against the Soviets, these fake (fake) buildings to make the rival believe that the most important are in one game… when in fact they are in another. Now they are easily destroyed, unsurprisingly, but sometimes they can come in handy.
  • In fact, the Allies tend to be underestimated because of their fragility in the face of the Soviets’ potential, also because of the ease of the Soviets, but they are masters at cheating. Without going any further, with the miner you can charge many units in one touch if you plant the mines wisely. You can reload more mines from the service warehouse.
  • What about super weapons? The Allied Chronosphere was the forerunner of the GDI Tunnel in Generals, being able to surprise the rival at any point on the map. And to top it off, they also have Tank Tanks.
  • As for the Soviets, in addition to the nuclear bomb inherited from the NOD, the iron curtain with which we will win is coming off invulnerability for a few seconds in mechanized units or structures. Use it on a tesla coil, for example. Or in a Mammoth or Tesla tank. Madly. Without fear.
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If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us!

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