In the United States, tables are cleared after their Thanksgiving vacation, which means Black Friday begins. These shopping holidays have also extended to Belgium and the Netherlands in recent years, so that we too can take advantage of strong promotions in many different stores.
However, the sheer number of offers can be overwhelming. Which TVs are worth it and which price cuts are really worth a buy?
To solve this problem, we take our guide to the best 4K TVs with HDR of 2018. Two TVs we selected at the time received a nice price cut for Black Friday, which makes them even more appealing.
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Samsung Q9FN / Q9F

Buy Samsung Q9FN / Q9F on Bol for 1599 euros

This television has dropped a whopping $ 500 in price, from $ 2,099 to $ 1,599.
Here is what we wrote about it:
OLED TVs are awesome, but very expensive. Moreover, they cannot match the brightness of powerful LCD screens. Samsung QLED TVs are therefore a good option. The Q9FN is truly exceptional, thanks to fantastic brightness and local dimming options that deliver contrast ratios of almost 20,000: 1. Input lag is excellent too: 22ms for HDR content in 4K. There is also FreeSync support, which is important when playing on Xbox One or PCs with an AMD graphics card. The issues with this TV are minor but worth noting – you have to sit right in front of the screen for ideal viewing conditions (typical for non-OLED TVs) and the Tizen smart TV’s slow interface.
For us, it was the best non-OLED TV for 4K HDR gaming.

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Samsung NU8000

Buy Samsung NU8000 on Media Market for 799 euros

This TV has a less severe price cut than the Q9FN above, but with a price cut of 200 euros it’s still a big promotion.

Here is what we wrote about it:
The NU800 is a great choice for a lower budget. The input lag is fantastic and has big blacks for great contrast – although not as good as an OLED TV. Disappointing viewing angles are problematic, with color changes when you’re even slightly off-center. The local ranking is not as strong as the competition. Movement management is good, thanks to the possibility of inserting the black frame. As we said before, Tizen software is also not ideal – sometimes you get ads on the home screen and slow down. Also note: the cheaper 49in model doesn’t have FreeSync, so it’s best to buy 55in or more when playing on Xbox One or PC.

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For us it was the 4K TV for a lower budget.

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