After the announcement of the manufacture of version 4.7 of Apple, iimmediately after; The sources indicated that the production of the iPhone 6 5.5 inches Production will begin in the month of August.

It is expected that Apple, due to the difficulties that we mentioned, in terms of the production of sapphire screens is involved; would have delayed the manufacture of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6. Problem that the company has not yet manifested and has avoided giving any explanation in this regard.

It should be noted that the high cost of each sheet of glass was approaching the $. 45.00 (33 euros). A price that without a doubt is well above the current $.10.00, which would be costing the Gorilla Glass 3 sheetsused in the iPhone 5S.

Despite this, Manzana would include the sapphire blades in the most expensive models, as we indicated in the previous article. That is why now we are going to delve a little into the production of the new 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

Premium production of version 5.5 begins

The 5.5 inch production it will start during the second week of August, are the statements made by a Taiwanese newspaper this morning. However, the manufacturing partner of Apple, Pegatron; has also decided to rule on the matter, arguing that they will also participate in the preparation of the Apple’s new version 5.5.

On the other hand, and according to the same factory, in addition to assuming the hiring of new workers, it has also resorted to the purchase of 10 thousand robots, this to help employees with the less heavy tasks of this manufacturing.

However, and according to the information processed by different means, we are clear that Manzana, introduce their new sheets or Sapphire screens in his new version of iPhone 6 5.5 inches.

Truth or just a rumor? The truth is that analysts believe that this determination is what Manzana will choose, as to the upcoming iPhone productions be concerned. That it would also be given in a smaller quantity, taking into account the aforementioned difficulties.

However, Apple would be expanding said production line of sapphire blades until 2015the year in which the shortage of this component would end.

Despite this, the decision seems evident and clear, and it is that Manzana does not want to give up standing out with a novelty like the sapphire. Even if it means, only use it for a certain model.

Finally, apart from granting a better quality to its large screens of the model 5.5, also says that the design will be much finer, and will have a camera improved from 13 megapixels. Whose processor and which will equip this iPhone 6 Version, be the A8 chip.

Let’s wait and see what finally happens, and what will be the determinations that Manzana face this great dilemma.