There are some cartoons and series that at some point feature a videogame or arcade game, which, despite not being true, appear to be so cool that our hands itch to play them. With movies this is no exception, with some made entirely around a certain game that does not exist.

The list below contains five fictional games that are so flashy that we’d love to play them if the opportunity arose.

1- Super Slugfest – from The Simpsons cartoon

The successful animated series, The Simpsons, is one of those that most show games that don’t really exist in some of its episodes, almost all of which are based on a real game. In its 1st season, in episode 6, known in Brazil as “A Lisa Tristonha”, Bart and Homer find themselves in a dispute involving the boxing game. Super Slugfest. Tired of losing to his son, Homer trains at a local arcade with the help of a kid addicted to this game, where he gets tips on how to get back at Bart.

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2- Stay Alive – from the movie Stay Alive: Mortal Game

The film may not be that great, but the idea behind it is very interesting. It involves a horror game in which whoever dies in it also loses their life in the real world. Would you play a match in this game if it really existed? A challenge only for the incredibly brave and skilled.

3- Bonestorm – from The Simpsons cartoon

Another well-deserved contribution from The Simpsons to the list. Episode 11 of the 7th season, called in Brazil “Marge, Don’t Be Proud”, reveals the fighting game Bonestorm (Storm of Bones, in the official translation), as a cooler alternative to Mortal Kombat, extremely popular at the time this episode aired. Bart is so mesmerized by the game’s violence that he decides to try to steal a copy of it in a store when he sees that Homer and Marge would not buy it because it is too expensive. This attitude ends up leaving him in a tremendous mess.

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4- Starfighter – from the movie The Last Starfighter

Those who are almost 40 years old or older and are gamers, most likely remember the movie “The Last Starfighter”, from 1984. The film revolves around an arcade game called starfighter, which is young Alex Rogan’s (Lance Guest) only entertainment in the small county where he lives. Upon breaking the record in the game, his creator pays him a completely unexpected visit and invites him to embark on a journey that would change his life forever, having the opportunity to do what many people dream of – becoming the superhero of your favorite video game.

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5- Blixto – from the series Mundo da Lua

Impossible to make such a list without including the iconic game from the TV series “Mundo da Lua”. Inspired by Mario, from Nintendo, practically all Brazilian gamers who were children in the early 90s and watched the series, at some point wanted to play the favorite game of the character Lucas Silva e Silva, played by the actor, presenter and journalist, Luciano Amaral, who today even works with videogames.

Did you like the list? What other fictional video games or arcade games do you remember that you would love to play? Tell us in the comments on the page or Facebook.