Second generation iPhone SE not working
It could have happened at a better time. The crisis of coronavirus is
seriously affecting the sale of smartphones and the high end is what
he will probably be more affected. But the price of Apple’s new iPhone is
much more attractive than that of its older brothers. We can say without fear
make a mistake which is the iPhone with best quality price report.

Apple smartphones, which are themselves expensive devices, have
they have always maintained their official price throughout their commercial life, without
Apple discounts or rebates. But that is changing. Now
Apple products can be purchased through several distributors and
it is less and less strange to buy them below the price set by the

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The iPhone SE receives good reviews and those from Cupertino are
convinced that the consumer response is very good.
What are the reasons to believe that this iPhone will be a success? the
discussed below.

Obviously its price

Price is a key factor in tipping the scales for consumers
to one product or another. the iPhone SE is the gateway to
mythological ecosystem
Apple thanks a price well below what is normal in the range of
the company. Tim Cook has openly stated that he is waiting ” A bon name
of people
“Go to the iOS feeling attracted by the price of this news
iPhone. Although Apple does not offer promotions or discounts, this new second-class OS
generation is identifiable as cheap iphone that many expected.

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It’s a little phone

iPhone SE 2

Phones are getting bigger. Some users use the
smarphone for everything except calling. Some use it to play and others
consume video diffusion. Anyway, large screens
they sell

But we must not forget the other side: there are those who prefer a
manageable phone. This iPhone SE is ideal if you are looking for a phone with good
Technical specifications
and an reduced size. With a screen of only 4.7
inches, it is very easy to operate with one hand. Even despite its great
frames, still very small. It is ideal for those who want to navigate
social networks, check your emails or send messages.

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He has a great camera

IPhone SE portrait mode

The new iPhone SE has the same camera sensor as the iPhone 8. Yes, it can
that a few years have passed, but in mobile photography is more and more
important treaty
than the sensor itself. This is what the A13 Bionic takes care of,
which has Neural Engine. This means that the iPhone SE supports
portrait mode and to HDR intelligent.

Although in most situations the camera of this new model
excellent results, it is important to emphasize that, in environments with
low light
, this sensor is below its older brothers, the iPhone 11
and the iPhone 11 Pro
. Despite this, the iPhone SE camera gives good arguments
to think about successful sales.

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Its processor is high-end

Apple Arcade iPhone SE

Unlike the previous generation of iPhone SE, this one has a
latest generation processor, placing it in the high-end line. By the way
for example, this iPhone SE is faster than the iPhone
Yes, it is true that the latter has a more current design and retains the
Face ID facial unlock method, but your A12 Bionic is late
power terms

It attracts Android users

iPhone SE 2020

The last reason is based on the data that the Tim Cook gave
IPhone SE sales. According to the CEO of the California-based company, there are two
majority groups that buy this new model. One of them is
those who want a small phone. The other, the Android users.

Apparently, many consumers choose Android for the wide variety of ranges
and therefore the prices. the 489 euros of the new SE make them competitive and
allow you to squeeze in the range below 500 euros.

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After this brief analysis, it’s clear that the new iPhone SE has it all
the numbers to succeed. Apple has moved the tab to what appears to be
nail stroke of genius. What do you think Do you think the iPhone SE will be a success? I know
the first to comment!

Source: Techradar