And since Sonic has been adapted for the big screen, why don’t we also imagine what other SEGA series would look like on the big screen? After all, the “house of the mascot” has several successful franchises and some of them with very rich universes.

1 – PhantasyStar

Being one of the few SEGA series that originated on the Master System and persist to this day, the classic Phantasy Star games would most likely make a beautiful 2D animated movie.

Although, depending on how the adaptation is done, a live-action movie could even work. Remember when they announced the Sonic movie, everyone was skeptical about the story that mixing the blue guy with humans in a CGI movie with Live Action would, most likely, “flop” and in the end it ended up working out very well? Well, with Phantasy Star it could be the same.

Regardless of speculations, the universe of the classic series is very rich, and an adaptation could yield a good story exploring the Algol solar system, characters like Alis, Odin, Myau and Noah, in an adventure to defeat the tyranny of the villain Lassic. A reinterpretation of the first game wouldn’t be bad at all and would show a new audience a story that delighted gamers of yesteryear.

2 – Streets of Rage

Since the series returned with Streets of Rage 4, it could also be adapted for the big screen, and in that case, a version with real actors wouldn’t sound weird at all.

We imagine an adaptation of Streets of Rage with a strong emphasis on narrative, many fight scenes and a story that takes advantage of Mega Drive elements, with characters like Mr.X and Shiva, showing their ambitions behind all the confusion. And of course, if I could, I would leave Yuzo Koshiro on the film’s soundtrack too! That would be fantastic.

3 – Golden Ax

And since we’re talking about beat’em’ups, why not a film adaptation of Golden Ax? The game itself was based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Conan the Barbarian (being the feature that made the Australian actor gain worldwide notoriety), so the latter can give us an idea of ​​what a Golden Ax feature would look like.

A feature film showing the adventures of the characters in a medieval period in search of the king and princess of Yuria, with several special effects, old costumes and, of course, many battle scenes.

4 – Shinobi

The great truth is that the news came out a few years ago that a Shinobi movie was already being idealized, but after so many years we still haven’t heard any more “peep” from SEGA.

The information that came out at the time was that the project would be a Japanese and North American production, and the product Marc Platt said:

“We love Shinobi games and believe that the world of ninjas has never been well explored on the big screen. Now we have the opportunity to do that. With Shinobi, we hope to make a film that honors the essence of gaming.”

Will we see a movie with Joe Musashi soon? Or has this information fallen by the wayside?

5 – Shining

And finally, one of the SEGA series that continues to win games to this day, Shining, could also win a cinematographic animation, considering that the universe of the “Force” series games are also quite rich, being able to yield an epic movie with intense battles.