JRPGs are games that, in general, are very long, with a lot of history and a lot of development, suitable for the Asian audience that likes this type of game. However, some go against the grain and prefer to deliver quick experiences to “not fill up the sausage”, and with that in mind, we selected 5 JRPGs with a short duration.

1 – Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny

Following a very traditional JRPG style, Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny was released for the PlayStation 2 and has an average duration of 20 hours or even a little less. With 2D graphics and isometric view, it has a good story, anime scenes and a good pace of adventure.

2 – Chrono Trigger

Needing no introduction, Chrono Trigger is a game that has been on the list of “best games of all time” for almost 30 years and is one of the greatest classics on the Super Nintendo. Interestingly, it has a relatively short duration, and in less than 20 hours it is possible to reset it without too many problems. With a story that flows very well, remarkable characters, exceptional soundtrack, beautiful graphics for the Super Nintendo and beautiful effects, any JRPG fan who has not played this game needs to give it a chance.

3 – Hexys Force

Released for the PSP in 2010, Hexys Force is yet another very traditional RPG with anime visuals, chibi characters, character evolution throughout battles, buying items in cities, etc. The biggest difference is that they are two protagonists who go their separate ways and eventually come together during the adventure. Being a very easy and fun adventure, just a day or two, or about 15 hours, is enough for you to finish the game.

4 – Phantasy Star IV

Considered one of the “deluxe” JRPGs for the Mega Drive and one of the best chapters in the classic saga, Phantasy Star IV is fast, straight to the point and conveys a very intense adventure, full of twists and turns and without the need to stay “a thousand years”. ” training. Anyone who enjoys a good classic JRPG should play this one, with an adventure that lasts about 10 hours, or even less.

5 – Super Mario RPG

The farewell to the mustache on the Super Nintendo, Super Mario RPG bets on an isometric view for very beautiful graphics, a great soundtrack and a frantic pace for the adventure. Leaving the comfort zone and presenting an adventure that Bowser and Peach join the group, the game has an easy to understand story, good jokes, brings several elements from the Mario series and is an indisputable classic. About 15 hours is needed to complete it.