One of the most welcome surprises of yesterday’s State of Play (02) was, without a doubt, the announcement of Resident Evil 4 Remake. Rumors about the development of a new version of the game had been circulating behind the scenes for a long time, but only last night did Capcom confirm the project.

5 things you didn’t see in the Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer

The video, which is 2 minutes and 17 seconds long, features a montage of scenes of just 30 seconds in which we finally got a look at what to expect from the graphic quality and the changes applied to the game’s look. And despite having shown little material, the teaser was more than enough to leave fans anxious and looking for details and clues about what we’ll see when the title hits stores next year.

Details that went unnoticed in the RE4 Remake trailer

During the 30 seconds of gameplay footage, Capcom presented fans with some details of the new version of Resident Evil 4, including some visual changes and possible connections with other games in the series.

Below, we’ve listed five things you probably didn’t see in the RE4 remake trailer.

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1. Possible connection to Resident Evil Village

At a certain point in the trailer, the camera focuses on a wall with an inscription carved into the wall – something that caught our attention because it looked very familiar. Those who played Resident Evil Village should remember a very common symbol during the game, formed by a kind of fetus inside a circle with four wings (representing four houses). On Reddit, user u/kaijumediajames posted a comparison — which you can see below:

In the trailer for the remake of RE4, the engraving on the wall seems to allude to the symbol seen in RE8, which may indicate that the plot of the games will be intertwined (something that Capcom seemed to strive to do in the plot of Village, the eighth Resident Evil of the main series).

Furthermore, as indicated by u/lejitness also on Reddit, the new version of RE4 may explain how the evil Saddler gained access to the Plagas. As the origin of the villain (and the Plagas) was little explored in the 2005 title, it is likely that this will be explored a little more in the remake.

It is also worth remembering that Duke, the merchandise seller from RE Village, has a line of dialogue that makes reference to the mysterious merchant from Resident Evil 4.

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2. Ashley’s eye color

Ashley Graham, the daughter of the President of the United States, also had her look revamped. And we’re not just talking about the different haircut and clothing: unless it’s an effect of the lighting, the new character model also appears to have been given different colored eyes than the original.

5 things you didn’t see in the Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer

The eyes of the new version of Ashley appear to have a different shade in the remakeSource: Capcom/Disclosure

While his eyes were caramel-colored in 2005’s Resident Evil 4, the new version seen in the announcement trailer appears to have a more greenish tint.

3. More Ashley

Source: PlayStation

The blonde is also present in several scenes in the trailer, possibly indicating that her participation in the remake may be a little bigger. For example, the video shows the girl exploring an external setting and running away from something (or someone) through a place with some puddles and a lot of vegetation – something that did not happen in the original game.

Will the new version of RE4 allow us to play a little more as the president’s daughter and, who knows, accompany her during events that occurred before the protagonist’s arrival?

4. Elegant enemy

Bitore Mendez, one of the religious leaders under Saddler’s command, was one of the most iconic adversaries in the original version of Resident Evil 4. Unsurprisingly, the trailer confirmed the return of Father Mendez, and this time he seems to have exchanged a idea with Mr. X from RE2 about fashion.

5 things you didn’t see in the Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer

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In the video released during State of Play, Mendez briefly appears, standing at the end of a hallway. In the quick scene the character appears more stylish, wearing what appears to be an elegant hat.

5. The Return of Del Lago

Source: PlayStation

The monstrous big fish “Del Lago” seems to be confirmed in the remake, given that Leon appears briefly inside a small wooden boat floating in the water. Anyone who played the 2005 version knows well that there, submerged, is probably a huge and very, very dangerous big fish.

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The announcement video didn’t give away that much, but it did make it clear that the RE4 remake will be quite different from the original. Not only because of the huge leap in graphic quality, but also because it is clearly changing some aspects of the game and even including new material (such as the scene between Leon and the US president).

Resident Evil 4 Remake is scheduled for release on March 24, 2023, with versions for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (via Steam).