5 Ways to check and fix your AirPods if they don’t work.

Have you ever tried to use your precious Airpods, either in a special situation or in your day to day and they have not worked? You may have a simple connection problem or have a “big” problem to fix. Maybe it can even be sound or just charging. So here are 5 different ways you can check and fix your AirPods. If necessary, you may have to resort to doing a free AirPods Pro exchange completely carried out by the company.

Normally, this device usually has great configuration contributions to the user, being that you can use and get the best out of your headphones. Among these fluid functions, there are some such as automatic pairing or switching between devices. Although they are entirely great Apple products, they are not indestructible either, so some care must be taken.

5 Ways to check and fix your AirPods if they don’t work

If you don’t know exactly what to do, one of the 5 following ways could make this process a little easier.

In case your AirPods don’t work

  • The first thing to always do is check the battery of your device, as well as the case of the same.
    • Remember to put your AirPods in their little case. In this way you can check if the battery does not have any problem.
  • It may be more common than you think, but checking if your iPhone has Bluetooth enabled never hurts. You just have to go to Settings on your iPhone, followed by the Bluetooth option and finally remember to check that it is turned on in green.
  • As with all high-end devices, it is normal that you have to clean them often for mere care. So it doesn’t hurt to give a little review to the speaker part, as well as the microphone.
    • If you are not sure, remember to properly research how to clean each section of your AirPods using the link below.
  • In the event that your AirPods do not receive the connection correctly or have some noticeable detail regarding the sound, you can also restart them like any other device. If you want to know how to reset your headphones, access through the following link.
  • If you have AirPods Pro you could also check the replacement program that Apple has to change your device in case of a problem with the sound or its cancellation. Access the following link to check if your headphones are part of the replacement program.

Check the battery and charge when your headphones don’t work

You can easily check if your AirPods have enough battery. Simply by being in its charging case, as well as being close to your iPhone, you can check the correct state just by opening the cover. This will show if your battery in the headphones and case is fit.

5 Ways to check and fix your AirPods if they don’t work

The company is always clear about reminding its users of the battery status, be it the case or the AirPods. In the event of any errors, just keep your earphones properly inside their case for at least thirty seconds if you want to use the device. It should be noted that you should leave much more time in case they do not have any battery.

There may even be an error when charging the AirPods inside the case, this may be due to the metal contacts inside the earphones. However, you must be careful when cleaning so as not to damage any part of the device or charging case.

5 Ways to check and fix your AirPods if they don’t work

You could also just try checking with some other Lightning cable, even the opposite side to the one you are placing. If the AirPods charging problem persists, you can charge with some wireless case and check for some other error. You can go to the official Apple sites or go directly to your nearest Apple Store in case the problem persists.

Clean your AirPods correctly and frequently

It is more frequent than you might think, but properly cleaning your AirPods due to some accumulation of dirt is necessary from time to time. This is because dirt stays right on the speakers or microphone, which creates common problems. For AirPods Pro users, it is recommended to remove ear tips.

5 Ways to check and fix your AirPods if they don’t work

You can access the tutorial link at any time with more detail. However, broadly speaking, you just have to follow these steps.

  • The first thing is to have a clean cloth with which you can clean each part of your AirPods.
  • You will need to moisten the cloth a little, but not too much. The company indicates that if you wish, you can use a disinfectant wipe.
  • However, you will need to allow enough time for them to dry completely before you want to use them. It should be noted that the same thing happens with the case.
  • You can remove the cotton part of a swab to have a better and more precise way in which you can better remove and clean your device.