My first contact with a play cards classic on a console was in the hands of Super Mario 64 DS. The number of hours I had to spend at Luigi’s Casino this summer is only comparable to how many a year later I would invest again in this wonder called 42 Games Forever.

Today, 15 years later, history is repeating itself with 51 world matches. A compilation of board games, cards and mini games able to deal with a rainy Sunday afternoon for any family without having to occupy the dining room table to put together a puzzle.

An idea that was already brilliant 15 years ago

I can understand why the idea of Nintendo he had no other trips in the following years. After all, it’s a tough concept to sell to an audience that’s still waiting for a Mario or Zelda.

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But also how Nintendo Switch It has proven to be the perfect platform for its comeback thanks to the idea of ​​continuing to focus on the console as a center of family entertainment. A bet you win with 51 World Games a great ally.

We’re ahead, without hot tablecloths, on a compilation of games ranging from parcheesi and checkers to darts and billiards. Along the way, wide variety of games Foreigners from countries like Japan or India may strike you as accurate. Experiences that on the other hand seem incredible and which have not seen more popularity outside their country of origin because of their fun and original character.

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Being able to play against the machine at different difficulty levels – compared to a fairly permissive AI in the most affordable – the ideal option is the game online or locally, either by command or by placing the touch screen on the table as if it were a mini game board.


For added convenience and addiction, see how kids completely disconnect from their regular games and hang the screen on something as basic as the Connect 4, or the classic Squares We played in class passing the notebook with the partner, which I absolutely didn’t expect to see in the middle of 2020.

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Nintendo’s hand even shows Parcheesi

We end up associating the console with certain types of experiences and, seeing it reduced to something as simple as Parcheesi, it is inevitable to have the feeling that something is wrong. But it comes into play Nintendo to do more than just drop the game with text with the rules.

From the presentation, the initial tutorial with which they briefly explain how they work and the very neat visual aspect of each, try new games eventually becomes inevitable.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the basics completely or they seem too complex, either in front of a Jacquet or a Shogi, you know the short intro video will be more than enough to figure out how to enjoy it.

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Transferring not only a wide variety of experiences – nothing to do with the idea of ​​four curiosities and millions of different card games – but also the challenge of unlocking deck designs or new builds. A perfect formula in which they meet the classic and the new.

And it’s exactly like that, without eating or drinking, when you look at the clock and find that you have been jumping from game to game for over an hour, climbing levels and pushing past the machine.

My plan for tonight was to continue playing blackjack? No, but I put myself as a quick hobby while waiting to do something else and the time has passed without my noticing.

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With plenty of games to try out and my views on how long it takes to squeeze the most, all I can say is that at home we are enjoying it. The lack of friction and how it is responsible for taking you by the hand without being tiring 51 World Games the perfect substitute for those sudoku notebooks and hobbies to take you to the beach so typical of this time of year.

Source: Gadgetsnow