57 free online courses to take in autumn, 2020 edition.

This year, with the COVID-19 virus pandemic forcing us to reduce leisure outside our homes to a minimum, the option of take advantage of time at home to learn something new makes more sense than ever. The confinement that more than one person is going to have to do can give us all the time we need to study.

And what better to study than a list of free online courses? In it you can find courses to reinforce your studies, improve your work, satisfy your curiosity or even simply distract your mind. In Spanish, English and from the hand of university personnel.

57 free online courses to take in autumn, 2020 edition

Computer and Office

  • ‘Intermediate Word: formatting and productivity tools’: You may have taught yourself to use the basics of Word, but if you need to master it more you have this course to help you.
  • ‘Excel: Fundamentals and tools’, a course at the Polytechnic University of Valencia for those who want to master the general notions of the Microsoft spreadsheet.
  • ‘Excel: data management’: the same university has this MOOC specialized in the management of data groups using Excel, and it may be considered a specialization from the previous year.
  • ‘Advanced Excel: data import and analysis’: yet another Excel course, specialized in advanced data management for those who have already mastered the program.
  • ‘Statistical analysis with Excel’: we now focus on statistics within the advanced learning of Excel, hand in hand with the Galileo University.
  • ‘Photoshop: a tool for innovative presentations’: this very specific course offered by the Javeriana University can serve anyone who needs to have a hook in their presentations.
  • ‘Design Effective Presentations With Powerpoint’ – Another presentation course, focused on learning how to create quality Powerpoint slides.
  • ‘Introduction to Office 365’: Office is one of the most used and requested tools. If you still have to learn how to use it, here is a good course from the Polytechnic University of Valencia that does not forget the online part of the service.


  • ‘Programming for everyone (starting with Python)’: the University of Michigan suggests you start programming using Python, a popular language right now.
  • ‘Python: learning to program’: another course to program in Python by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
  • ‘Artificial Intelligence for Everyone: Master the Basics’: IBM has this course for anyone who wants to program focusing on the AI ​​algorithms that are increasingly needed everywhere.
  • ‘Big Data without mysteries’: data, data, data. Decision-making in the future will be based on the large amount of data that we will collect everywhere. This course gives you the bases to learn to manage them.
  • ‘Introduction to web application development’: course at the Autonomous University of Madrid for those who have considered creating web pages professionally.
  • ‘Android: Introduction to Programming’: course with which you will learn to create your first application for the Android platform.
  • ‘Introduction to Software Engineering’: creating an online application or service is not just a matter of writing code. You have to properly organize and manage the project as such, which is what this course wants to teach you.
  • ‘Videogames: what are we talking about?’: An introductory course for fans to learn everything behind a video game. From the project to the programming and the scripts.
  • ‘Videogame Development in Unity’: a set of courses for those who dare to create their own game using one of the most used engines of the moment.


  • ‘Basic English: Conversational and Networking’: Nothing like a little conversational English practice to take advantage of downtime. Hand in hand with the Anahuac University Network.
  • ‘Learn German in 5 minutes’: an eight-hour course divided into videos of five minutes per lesson.
  • ‘Complete Italian Course – Basic Level’: learn the basics of Italian with a multi-video course.
  • ‘The Spanish Sign Language’, for those who want to learn a language that is not usually chosen by many people but is essential for some.
  • ‘Basic Chinese: How to Make a Positive First Impression’: Chinese course designed for Spanish speakers by Arizona State University.

Art and history

  • ‘Initiation to film production: design your own project’: A Telefónica course that begins on October 10 for those who want to dare to shoot a movie from scratch. Certification payment is optional.
  • ‘Introduction to the guitar’: the pandemic can be a good excuse to develop the artist within you.
  • ‘Understand design’: no ​​graphical interfaces, in this course we are going to learn the meaning of being a designer to solve problems.
  • ‘Musical Production and its Effect on Composition’: a course for music fans with some experience, from the Berklee College of Music.
  • ‘The Valley of the Kings’: a course for lovers of the history of ancient Egypt.

Economy and Finance

  • ‘The value of creativity and innovation: The Orange Economy’: the Inter-American Development Bank plans to improve the economic development of Latin America through this course.
  • ‘Introduction to stock investing’: do you want to learn how to invest in the stock market? This course at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona can help you.
  • ‘Fundamentals of Business Finance’: a course at the Universidad de los Andes for those who consider having their own company.
  • ‘Basic Algebra’: a preparatory course for those who are at the end of Baccalaureate or starting a university career.

Science and math

  • ‘Differential and Integral Calculus united by the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus’: Differential equations are a crude enemy to beat in many races, and this course can be a good reinforcement.
  • ‘Algebraic and transcendent functions’: another introductory course to algebra, focusing on functions. He teaches the Autonomous University of Mexico.
  • ‘My own organic garden’: a course for those who want to take advantage of that piece of garden that they always have forgotten at home.
  • ‘Virtual Astronomy’: basic course, for those who have no previous knowledge, to learn about the same science of astronomy and its pillars.
  • ‘Agri-food innovation’: a course that delves into the advances in modern agriculture, from the hand of the Autonomous University of Mexico.
  • ‘Basic concepts for the study of the environment’: the Austral University wants to give us the basic guidelines to be able to investigate the way of taking better care of our planet.

Humanities and communication

  • ‘Digital Marketing: Content & Community Manager’: Galileo University encourages you to know how to use the social profiles of a product or brand with professional foundations.
  • ‘Marketing focused on the strategy of services’: a course to study the phenomenon of companies like Spotify, Netflix and Airbnb and why they have become so popular with the public. Taught by the National University of Córdoba.
  • ‘Digital Government’: The Inter-American Development Bank believes that governments cannot be left behind in the digital revolution, and they offer this course for us to learn the advantages that we would gain from a digital government.
  • ‘Facebook Ads: How to use the power of advertising on Facebook’: a useful course both for those who want to learn to be social media managers and those who have companies and want to advertise effectively on the social network par excellence.
  • ‘Latin America in international changes: threats and opportunities’: Latin American countries also have their role in current politics. This course at the University of Chile delves into it.

Personal improvement and others

  • ‘How to Learn Online’: now that there are confinements, this course may be a good way to face studies from home.
  • ‘Stress Management and Mindfulness’: a course for those who need to take a deep breath, take a break and study how to make better use of their time.
  • ‘The brain and emotions in language’: this course helps you identify the five basic emotions from the language that people use or even gestures. From the hand of the Universidad del Rosario.
  • ‘FlashDiet: Learn to eat healthy’: the Polytechnic University of Valencia gives you the basis for you to learn to eat better and take care of yourself a little more.
  • ‘People management: Human Resources’: all companies have their human resources division, so it is not uncommon to see courses like this one at the National University of Córdoba.

Free online courses in English

  • ‘Disinformation, Misinformation, and Fake News Teach-Out’: a vitally important course from the University of Michigan with which we will learn to identify fake news and manipulations.
  • ‘An Introduction to Screenwriting’: a course from the University of West Anglia to begin studying the art of creating film scripts.
  • ‘How to Succeed at: Interviews’: If you want to pursue a career abroad and are scared of job interviews in English, this University of Sheffield course can help you.
  • ‘Project Management: Beyond the Basics’: Open University course to improve the creation and management of your professional projects.
  • ‘An Introduction to Cryptography’ – A course to learn the basics of encryption of communications from Coventry University.
  • ‘How to Make a Comic Book (Project-Centered Course)’: everyone has thought at some point in their life about making a comic. This course shows you that it is possible.
  • ‘Turn Climate Anxiety into Positive Action’: this course promoted by Samsung wants us to put aside the anguish over the bad news of global warming and translate it into initiatives that help alleviate it.
  • ‘Basics of Network Security’ – A basic network security course for all aspiring system administrators.
  • ‘Overtourism’: excess tourism has become a problem, and although the pandemic has “helped” to stop it sooner or later it will return. Coventry University looks at the phenomenon with this course.
  • ‘Learn to Speak Korean 1’: Interested in the language K-Pop bands use? That course can help you with the basics.