6 reasons to give away the iPhone XR

Since last October 26 we can enjoy the iPhone XR, a device of those different with which Apple surprises us from time to time. The analogy with the iPhone 5c from 2013 may seem inevitable, colorful phones, more affordable price, good features and a desire to break the market.

But the iPhone XR is a terminal with its own character, it is not at all an inferior scale model or a low-cost one at all. He is showing that thanks to his Huge bionic A12X processor is just as fast as iPhone XS, that its camera shines at high altitude, and that its finishes allow you to enjoy a unique device.

6 reasons to give away the iPhone XR

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6 reasons to give away the iPhone XR

The best manufacturer’s warranty

If your idea is to give the iPhone XR, or give it to yourself, one of the basic props is that Apple is the one who has made this marvel, with all that that implies. In case of problem you will enjoy an efficient, fast and decisive technical service. Not all brands can say the same, since the degree of customer satisfaction towards those of Cupertino is always maximum.

6 reasons to give away the iPhone XR

Great benefits

Although there was much speculation since the beginning of the year as to what it would be like, we cannot say that the iPhone X is a second-rate phone. As we have already pointed out, your processor currently has no rivals who can even cough at you, offering incredible results in tests. Despite having an LCD screen instead of OLED, this is the latest generation and offers extreme sharpness.

6 reasons to give away the iPhone XR

Adapted to your tastes

We return to the colors, in this case there are six: black, white, red, yellow, coral and blue. With this variety, getting it right is easier than ever, so it covers any taste, whether you are a classic person who opts for the sobriety of black, or someone more outgoing who wants to escape monochromaticism.

6 reasons to give away the iPhone XR

Face ID

The novelty that was implemented last year with the iPhone X was not a mirage or a flower of a day, it is here to stay. The biometric identification system has made it possible to gain in security and comfort and there are already many applications that have incorporated this system. Also paying with your iPhone XR is simple and secure, more than ever. And this device has improved Face ID, endowed with greater speed and hit rate.

6 reasons to give away the iPhone XR

The reveal: his camera

Despite being equipped with a lens, it is not far behind. It has Portrait Mode and depth control, even in tests carried out from specialized publications, the iPhone XR camera manages to shine at the highest level. Apple manages to get the most out of everything it mounts on its devices. It is undoubtedly a compelling reason to opt for it.

6 reasons to give away the iPhone XR


The starting price of the iPhone XR is 859 euros in the official store for the 64 GB model, which is not bad at all seeing the margins between which other manufacturers move. Let’s remember, It is not a mid-range but a top in terms of performance. For less than 1,000 euros you can enjoy an iPhone XR.

Specifications table

iPhone XR
Dimensions 15.09 x 7.57 x 0.83 cm
Weight 194 g
Screen 6.1 inches (1792 x 828 pixels)
Pixel density 326 ppi
Processor A12 Beautiful
Operating system iOS 12
Storage 64, 128 and 256 GB
Cameras 12 MP
Drums 1.5 hours longer than iPhone 8 Plus
Others Face ID like iPhone X, 120Hz display
Departure date October 26th
Starting price 859 euros

Buy an iPhone XR

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6 reasons to give away the iPhone XR

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Are you going to stay with the desire? Sure not, so now is the time to get a Phone XR, since We’ve given you 6 compelling reasons to do so. Do not think about it anymore and think about which one you are going to stay with.

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