Apple devices are generally very durable and we often change them to a new model even if they continue to perform perfectly. Many users choose to sell their old devices so that the investment in a new one is lower, but others many Apple devices stay in a drawer without apparent use.

Today we are going to give you some reasons to charge and use them, these old Apple devices can still be very useful and these possible uses that we have compiled demonstrate.

Different uses for older devices

First of all you need to value your old iPhone or iPad, if it is several years old and not performing well, a lot of these uses may not be compatible, but if it is in good condition this device still has a lot of life ahead of it.

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A security camera

Security cameras have become very popular today and what could be better than using an iPhone or iPad for this purpose? a much better quality camera than the ones we usually sell. You can use your old iPhone both to monitor if someone is entering your house and to see how your baby is doing.

To use an old iPhone or iPad as a security camera, you will have to take several things into account, on the one hand, you will have to place it near an outlet, because it will still have to be connected, like with a traditional camera. And then you need an app that turns it into a camera to control what’s going on from another device, there are those who use Skype and configure video calls to be accepted automatically, but we recommend a specific application for this function, there are a lot of them in the App Store with motion detection and notifications.

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An electronic book

Especially if it is an older iPad, although its performance while browsing or reading is not perfect, as an eBook it can be one of the best, especially the mini models. You can use both the official Apple Books app and others like Kindle to purchase or read your own downloaded books.

ipad book

Nail Dash Cam for your car

These types of cameras are located on the front of the car and are highly recommended in jobs where you spend a lot of time in the car, in the event of an accident, everything will be recorded and recorded. A few years old iPhone can be a cheap and affordable solution to use Dash Cam.

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Again, the options are varied, from record with the iPhone’s own video camera app to use apps dedicated to this function. Although yes, we recommend that the iPhone is still charging and all connections are disabled.

As remote control

The majority of current TVs can be easily controlled from an iPhone or iPad via your own applications. That way, if your TV’s remote isn’t working well, or there’s some dispute over who’s controlling it, an old iPhone may be the solution.

As the first device for children

There is over a million games available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, so an old device can be perfect for the little ones around the house. If they break up, you won’t lose much and they can enjoy games, videos and apps.

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iPad kids

Media player on an old television

Another great option is Connect your old iPhone or iPad to TV using HDMI cable and enjoy Netflix or YouTube on old TVs that do not have this type of application. Moreover, both through internal storage and through cloud storage, you can play movies or videos that you have downloaded. All you need is Lightning to HDMI Adapterand they are very inexpensive.

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If it’s an iPad: as a second monitor for your Mac

If your iPad is compatible with iPadOS 13, you are in luck because the Sidecar function will be compatible and you can use it as your Mac’s second display without connecting a cable. IPad after iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 are compatible with iPadOS.

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If you have an older iPad or Windows PC, you can still opt for third-party solutions via applications you specify that they work very well and therefore have an additional screen on your computer.

As you see it many uses for your old devices, you don’t have to throw them away or keep them in the back of a drawer, give them a second life with these tips.

Source: Techradar

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