7 Lesser Known But Remarkable Muzei Live Wallpaper Extensions.

Not long ago, we brought you a different and remarkable wallpaper app for Android called Muzei. Essentially, the app is a live wallpaper that selects images from various configurable sources with customizable options that make it a charm to use, refreshing backgrounds on your smartphone or tablet at regular intervals, all packed into a sleek and polished interface. . Muzei’s uniqueness stems from the fact that it employs an open source library that allows third-party developers to create “extensions” to Muzei that add many more fonts for choosing wallpapers. The Google Play Store is quite rife with them at the moment and hence what follows is a collection of some of the relatively unknown but wonderful extensions for Muzei Live Wallpaper for Android.

Advanced 500px settings

For amazing photos and images, you need to enter 500px. There are a couple of other 500px Muzei extensions out there as well, but this one offers the most customization possible. 500px AdvancedConfig offers 7 different fonts with all categories offered in 500px, allowing combination of categories to combination of wallpaper options. This is also one of the few Muzei extensions that allows for the widest range of change intervals, from 1 minute to a staggering 100 hours! Completing the count is saving image caches to view later (especially useful if you’ve opted for shorter change intervals) and keeping images for one more update (if you find one you really like). You can also share images on your social networks.

7 Lesser Known But Remarkable Muzei Live Wallpaper Extensions

Cast of Muzei

If you have Google Chromecast, you will really appreciate this extension from Muzei. Cast for Muzei pulls images directly from the feed that Chromecast uses as a source, and the result is really beautiful images to decorate your Android screen. The extension isn’t quite as customizable as the old one, with the only options being custom image change intervals and the option to limit the change to WiFi only, useful if you’re on a limited data plan.

Muzei – deviantART

deviantART is another great source for fantastic art, and this extension makes full use of that. What I like best about the deviantART extension for Muzei is that it supports all the queries/search commands you would use on the website. You specify the query in the criteria for extracting images, and the results will return only those that qualify. So if you provide “favby: {username}”, it will give you all the favorite images by {username}. Tags can also be specified in a similar way. Other settings include the update interval, the number of images to pull from the specified query, toggling NSFW content, and downloading images only on WiFi.

7 Lesser Known But Remarkable Muzei Live Wallpaper Extensions

Dropzei for Muzei

As the name suggests, this extension aims to create a relationship between Muzei and Dropbox, allowing you to select one (or more) folders from the popular cloud storage and file-sharing service as sources for Dropbox wallpapers. Muzei. It could be particularly useful in such cases if you own an iOS device and would like to have your Camera Roll images set as Muzei wallpapers. Another use is when you specify the shared folders that you and your friends/family complete together. Dropzei has a fairly limited set of options, but WiFi-only upgrade, custom internal, etc. are still there.

Muzei Instagram Plugin

Another piece of cake, albeit with great functionality. The sole purpose of this extension is to allow you to connect your Instagram account with Muzei and then display images from your own feed, your uploads, liked photos, or popular images. The only other option is to change the update interval, which also makes Instagram Muzei Addon one of those extensions that has as few customizations as possible.

7 Lesser Known But Remarkable Muzei Live Wallpaper Extensions

Muzei Music Extension

This is another one of my personal favorites. The extension makes the album art of the currently playing song its background image, though you’ll find the most use for it only if you have a well-organized music library with proper IDV3 tags. You see, the way Muzei Music is set up is that it first looks for the Now Playing song artwork on your device, and if it’s missing, it will look for it on Last.fm. Consequently, this extension will also incur regular mobile internet charges for you. For cases where no song is playing, you can specify a favorite image to use as wallpaper. The Muzei Music extension is full of customization options and will also require access to notifications. In general, it is one of the most recommended.


Possibly the best extension for Muzei without a doubt. MultiMuze addresses one of Muzei’s main problems, the inability to have multiple sources, and allows you to set each and every installed extension to be used as a wallpaper source at the same time. The extension does not have a default font of its own and lists all the other extensions you may have to enable them all at once. Depending on the number of plugins enabled within MultiMuze, images will toggle between sources. The only option that MultiMuze offers is to change the update interval, which varies from one minute to once in 24 hours. It is also worth noting that if an extension is enabled via MultiMuze, the latter will override its own update interval setting.

7 Lesser Known But Remarkable Muzei Live Wallpaper Extensions

MultiMuze is a must if you are using Muzei; there’s really nothing to argue with that.

That pretty much concludes our list. I’d like to have an honorable mention here in the form of Taskei for Muzei, which we reviewed extensively and might be a good read if you’re interested in having maximum control of your Muzei Live Wallpaper.

Do you have any other suggestions that we might have missed? Let us know in your comments below.

7 Lesser Known But Remarkable Muzei Live Wallpaper Extensions