Since the iPad first appeared on the market, it has been trying to find its own path, initially intended to be placed between the smartphone and the computer, between the iPhone and the Mac. However, thanks to the power that the iPad has gained over the years and the great applications available, is more and more an alternative to a conventional computer.

In addition, Apple changed and improved iOS, now iPadOS, and reduce the differences that have historically positioned the iPad lower than that of a computer. Right now on the iPad we already have very comprehensive mouse support to make text editing as easy as on a Mac and we also have an app to manage files and be able to copy and manage everything. that we have on an external drive or USB memory.

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For all this, the iPad has become a real alternative to a MacBook which in many uses can be even better. Yes, it’s true that some users and professionals need a computer, but for the vast majority, an iPad may be a better idea.

If it’s important to you, the iPad is your perfect device

Keep in mind that the iPad development margin is not yet over, while desktop systems, macOS or Windows, seem to have little room for improvement, In iPadOS, we still have a lot of room for evolutionIn fact, with iPadOS 14, a lot of interesting news will be coming. But for now, in these 7 uses, the iPad is far superior to a traditional computer.

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Portability to work

A The iPad weighs considerably less than a laptop, so if you need a device to always take with you and with a sufficiently large screen, it is much more optimal than a laptop. Besides an iPad, you can easily connect a keyboard or write anything quickly with Apple Pencil. With the right apps, The iPad is a much more useful solution in terms of portability.

To all this, we must add the possibility of have a 4G wireless connection at all times If you need it since the iPad can be sold with this type of connection, very few laptops have the option of including a SIM card. And finally, the iPad has a longer battery life than most laptops, more points for the Apple tablet.

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IPad mobility

Versatility and capabilities

It’s true that a computer can do heavier tasks, but an iPad is capable of many other things, take a photo or record a video to read a book. The iPad is a device that gives us a lot more options, both for being productive and in terms of entertainment. It is therefore undoubtedly a more versatile device than a traditional computer.

Quick photo and video editing

Obviously, the current iPad apps for editing photos and videos, although not far off, have not yet reached the level that we have on a computer, Photoshop promises it will reach the same. level than on the desktop, but we are still far away. However, for a basic and straightforward editing we have dozens of much more intuitive options for the vast majority of users and with which we can achieve incredible results in seconds.

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Editing a photo or video on iPad is as easy as it is. from the Photos application itself with native Apple tools. With a few keystrokes you can retouch a lot of options, cut, rotate, shorten video, anything you keep doing with your computer, you will have to download several different programs.


Video calls

These are the days when video calling has become very popular, and iPads have proven to be much more useful than a computer for this task. Not only because they weigh less and can be used from almost any location or position, but also because they have cameras far superior to those found on any computer. We can say that the IPad is the best video calling device on the market, lighter than a computer but with a screen size larger than that of an iPhone.

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Since the arrival of Apple Pencil, the iPad has become a ideal device for those who like to draw, or for those who are dedicated to it professionally. This is something that a computer struggles to compete with, there are solutions out there, but they are not as affordable or simple. We have dozens of different apps in the App Store to draw, which is harder to find on a PC.

impression ipad

Get along better with children

Kids are used to touching screens, it looks like they were born with them, and when they see a computer they don’t even know how to use it, but they just use the iPad as usual. For this reason, it is more than likely that a child prefers to use the iPad to a computer, even as a working tool at school. You can connect a keyboard to the iPad and be the perfect computer for any kid.

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Enjoy series and movies

IPad is a device ideal for consuming audiovisual contentbe it series, movies or YouTube videos, with an iPad you can do it quietly from the sofa or from the bed in a much more comfortable way than with a computer. It was one of the main reasons to buy when Steve Jobs introduced it 10 years ago, and today, not least thanks to the incredible displays in the iPad line, it’s still one of the best options. to consume this type of content.

IPad Netflix

We know that you won’t be able to design a road or a building from the iPad, or schedule or edit a video professionally, at least for now, however. there are many other uses where the iPad is far superior to a traditional computer, Here are a few.

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Source: Techradar