8 new OS X El Capitan features you’re sure to love.

The long-awaited day for a significant number of users of the Apple company has finally arrived, that’s right, the latest version of Apple’s desktop operating system that carries name OS X El Capitan It is finally available to the public. This update is mainly focused on significant performance improvements and solving some of the problems that its predecessor released last year presented, in this way we will present you below 8 features that you should know about.

The new function of Split View or Splitview

One of the main features that has most attracted the attention of users isthe new split view function that really considerably optimizes the power to perform multitasking, to use this practical new function you just have to click and hold the full screen button that is green, when you perform this action half of the screen will turn blue and in that half it is that you will be able to open the new window, that simple and really useful.

8 new OS X El Capitan features you’re sure to love

Get the most out of the Spotlight feature

Significant improvements can be seen in the Spotlight search function, this will allow considerable time savings and more accurate searches. In general, they managed to improve the way in which users can obtain information, since more complex searches will now be allowed, which for people with many files will be a really useful option.

Notable improvements in the email app, Mail

Of the many things that this new operating system has to offer us, there are some applications that are considered the least favorite by users. like the emailWell, now they may change their mind, since it also comes improved, to be able to use it in a very practical way with new tools, which will allow you to take advantage of this application in the best way.

8 new OS X El Capitan features you’re sure to love

Try a much more efficient and faster Safari

An important point for all users of any operating system, is the functionality of the default browser, in this case Safarialso underwent some adjustments that can be considered very good, one of the adjustments that deserve to be highlighted is the new possibility of being able to fix the sites that the user uses frequently, a really useful option for anyone, in addition to the considerable increase in the speed of this browser.

Notes has undergone an evolution, so to speak

Another change made and that surprised many in a good way, occurred in the notes appSince, with this update, the notes app has become bigger, which could make it the best friend for all those users who are always thinking and have sudden ideas out of the blue that are easily forgotten, now you can record without no problems each of them, as well as being able to create your own checklist of notes, which was a really useful option.

8 new OS X El Capitan features you’re sure to love

Take full advantage of Mission Control functionality, enjoy better organization of tasks and windows

A function that has always been used more than anything by those control freaks is that of Mission Controlwhich is used to manage tasks and windows in a more organized way, for those fans of this function, it is also improved in this update, although the changes are not really outstanding or very important, but they will surely be very useful.

Improved Metal graphics API support

A significant improvement that surely all users of the new operating system will notice without a doubt, is the support that Apple has brought for its API metal graphicswhich will additionally help with the general performance of the system, exactly what this refers to is that now the operating system will be faster with those programs that are considered graphically intense, this improvement will cheer up many users who use their computers for games.

8 new OS X El Capitan features you’re sure to love

additional details

These additional details of course they are not less important and among them we have in a general way, the clear details in the graphics, the increase in the speed to open the applications, also when you want to switch from one application to another the speed has been increased, the increase in the brightness in general, among many other surprises.

No user will want to miss out and should not hesitate to make this update as there are a lot of new features that really aim to make users fall in love with this operating system even more. It is important to highlight that El Capitan has the same general appearance as its predecessor Yosemite.