Genshin Impact is a free action RPG produced and published by HoYoverse, also known as miHoYo, available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and mobile devices. Originally released in 2020, the game quickly became popular for its content density and earned more than $ 2 billion in microtransactions in just its first year on mobile phones.

8 tips for beginners in Genshin Impact

Given that the game has several progression specifics, it is common for new enthusiasts to feel lost as soon as they begin their adventure in the world of Teyvat. With that in mind, the voxel brings, in the following lines, eight essential tips for beginners in Genshin Impact.

explore the scenery

The world of Genshin Impact is undoubtedly one of its best points, with treasures and puzzles hidden in every corner. Not only does exploring ensure that you enjoy all the available content, but it will also make it a lot easier for you to complete new quests in the future – as well as guaranteeing you a lot of experience points.

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That said, it’s critical that players take the time to wander around the game’s vast map and unlock teleportation points, including the so-called Statues of Seven that unlock a great view of the map. This undoubtedly optimizes the game time a lot, since there will always be a shortcut next to the missions that appear.

Spend your resources calmly

One of the most common mistakes of Genshin Impact beginners is spending all of their resources, like experience books and Mora, on multiple characters at once in an attempt to max them out. It’s interesting to always focus on one character at a time until you leave it at a satisfactory stage before moving on to the next one. Otherwise, the player’s entire team will end up being weaker than it should be.

It is worth remembering that Genshin Impact’s resources are limited, taking the essence of most mobile games. If all experience points and money are spent, you will need to use resins, which work as energy points that regenerate little by little, to redeem more resources.

Take everything you find

During exploration, it is common to find herbs, vegetables, ores and all sorts of items along the way. It is important to collect everything that lies ahead, as these items are often useful for completing secondary quests, making recipes and even leveling up characters and weapons, increasing the maximum level to which they can be improved.

8 tips for beginners in Genshin Impact

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This is especially true for items that drop from enemies, as they are often used to create so-called ascension materials. If you start collecting everything from an early age, it will be much easier to make your characters stronger in the medium and long term, greatly alleviating the work of farming.

Avoid artifact farm before Adventure Rank 40

Artifacts are undoubtedly the main mechanic to make the player’s party stronger, granting rewards depending on the equipped sets and synergy with the characters’ own skill kit. However, it is recommended not to farm artifacts before Adventure Rank 40, which is when five star sets with better attributes start to appear.

As the quality of rewards is gradual in Genshin Impact, the tendency is for better artifacts and items to emerge as the player increases their Adventure Rank. Therefore, it is better to invest time and effort in other early activities such as exploration and Archon Quests.

Do the daily missions and events

Upon reaching Adventure Rank 12, players gain the ability to complete daily quests in Genshin Impact. They are especially important for securing Essential Gems for the gacha system, so players can get new characters and weapons.

8 tips for beginners in Genshin Impact

Every week there is also some big event happening in Genshin Impact, so it’s interesting to participate to guarantee even more exclusive rewards and increase the chances of winning new team members.

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Understand how Elemental Reactions work

Genshin Impact’s combat system revolves around an element system. This goes for both the player’s characters and the enemies encountered along the way, who are always characterized by a color that represents their base element. At the moment, these elements are: Pyro (fire), Hydro (water), Ameno (wind), Electro (lightning), Cryo (ice), and Geo (stone).

As the player can assemble a team with up to four characters, it is natural to mix elements in combat to guarantee additional effects. An example is using Hydro and Cryo, which is capable of causing freezing. Another very strong combination is Pyro and Hydro, which considerably increases the damage done bonus. It’s interesting to experiment with combinations to improve combat effectiveness.

Secure Xiangling in the Spiral Abyss

One of the first big goals players have in Genshin Impact is to unlock Xiangling on the third floor of the Spiral Abyss, which functions as a survival mode with increasingly challenging levels. The character is proficient in the Pyro element and manages to greatly maximize the party’s damage, serving in virtually any composition.

The Abyss will be released naturally as the player increases their Adventure Rank, so be sure to do the missions that are available and explore the map to reach this point as quickly as possible.

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8 tips for beginners in Genshin Impact

Make wishes only on the characters you want to have

Genshin Impact’s gacha system is always updated with new five-star character banners, which increase the chances of securing those that are emblazoned by 50%. Since Essential Gems are the hardest resource to accumulate, it’s important to only spend them on characters you really care about in the Character Event Prayer.

In the case of the Hitchhiker Summoning Banner, which is fixed, it is important to spend only the Family Destiny units that the game itself gives — never use your Essential Gems on it, as the characters from there can also come out in the Character Event Prayer.