Save €20 with these 9 free apps for a limited time for iPad and iPhone. And as a gift, a sentence: “Nothing is impossible for those who do not have to do it”. AH Weiler.

HOOK | Universal | €0.99 Free

We started strong with an excellent app that I suspect, because of how good it is, that it is Apple’s app of the week. It’s a great puzzle game that I like. Ideal for playing on trips, without internet connection. It’s short but I love it. (5 stars).

Take It Easy | Universal | €1.99 Free

Puzzle game. (3.5 stars).

Crash the Comet | Universal | €4.99 Free

This game of skill reminds me of a test they do in the medical test for a driver’s license.

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Flexible Interval Timer for Training & Workouts | Universal | €0.99 Free

Countdown stopwatch with several added functions. (3.5 stars).

Internet Speed ​​Test Pro – Mobile | Universal | €1.99 Free

To measure the speed of your internet connection. (3.5 stars).

Photo Camera Cleaner doctor | Universal | €3.99 Free

Sick of having duplicate photos on your Camera Roll? This app helps you locate and remove them. (3.5 stars).

Planimeter Pro | Universal | €2.99 Free

To measure distances and areas on a map. (4.5 stars).

Live Crop for Live Photo, Video and GIF | Universal | €0.99 Free

This editor allows you to crop videos, Live Photos and GIFs, in addition to normal photos.

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Luminance | Universal | €0.99 Free

We end up with a good photo editor. (4 stars).

BONUS: Excellent apps on sale

Some days we bring you here an application that, although it is not free, you can get it with a significant discount for a limited time.

LumaFX | Universal | €7.99 €0.99

Looking for a good video editor that won’t break the bank? Today you can get a fairly complete one for less than the cost of a coffee. LumaFX is a powerful editor that at first glance does the same as the usual ones for photos, but it does it for videos. Easy to use and very versatile, it serves to cover the needs of any non-professional user. In the following video you can see what it can do, which goes well beyond zooming and cropping. Now you can buy it with an 88% discount. A bargain. (4.5 stars).

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Free apps for a limited time were available for free download on the App Store at the time of publication of the article. We do not know when they will stop being on sale, so if you are interested in one, run to lower it before they go up in price. We have checked all of them in the Spanish App Store. Although the offers usually apply worldwide at the same time, check the price carefully before downloading. Some of the applications may have integrated inApp payments, so read their conditions carefully if this is a problem for you (for example, in children’s apps). Remember that you can deactivate inApp purchases on your device in “Settings> General> Restrictions> In-app purchases”.

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