In his renewed A Bag Full of Monsters serial, Marvin today extensively reflects on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. He discusses everything we know about Gen 8 and the Galar region, and takes a look inside the glass Poké sphere. In addition, he still plays Pokémon Go, and has been pleasantly surprised last month …

When a Pokémon Day Direct was announced, every Poké fanatic already knew what was going to happen: the new generation of Pokémon has been announced! We have not seen much of it, but anyone who has a good look at the seven-minute Nintendo Direct will find a lot of interesting things. Let’s start with the basics: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will be released for Nintendo Switch at the end of this year and set in the new Galar Region.

You’ve already seen the Direct, of course, but here’s a quick refresh in the form of the reveal trailer (unfortunately only two minutes long) without all that talk from the developers around it:

Everything about Pokémon Shield, Pokémon Sword, Gen 8 and the Galar region

Pokémon Shield and Sword look quite a bit like Pokémon Let’s Go in terms of graphics; the amazing next-gen-worthy graphic splendor that some hoped for is certainly not there. Developer GameFreak is certainly not known for pushing their graphics to the limits of the console, but there is always room for improvement in the roughly eight to nine months to release. In any case, Shield and Sword are a big upgrade compared to Let’s Go. It looks a little better polished and partly due to the use of line and shadow it looks even more like the anime, and that is only positive. In addition, it seems like Pokémon Sword and Shield should also have more of their breathtaking environments (with mysterious forests and scenic views), but more on that later.

The new region, the Galar Region, is most likely based on Great Britain, one of the most popular locations on the internet by glass-ball fans in recent months. Many of the buildings from the trailer and especially the Big Ben-like tower that appears in it seem to have been plucked away from our western neighbors, and the hilly landscape also corresponds to what you find in Great Britain. In England, for example, there are the so-called ‘chalk hill figures’, sometimes ancient and mysterious drawings carved into the chalky soil of some hills. And what do we find in the trailer for Pokémon Shield and Sword?

Indeed, a gigantic creature in the side of a mountain, possibly with some small Pokémon around him and to his left some mysterious portal or possibly something indicative of the powers of this gigantic thing. There seems to be air coming out of his mouth, but in the world of Pokémon that could of course also be some dark energy or whatever, and that is surrounded by electricity. We don’t know whether it is actually a pokémon, but because he is so prominent on the mountain and in the trailer, some already assume that this is a Legendary or even Mythical pokémon. One that can become very important to the story. And others, well, they somehow see a Melmetal surrounded by Meltans in it. What you?

Furthermore, we have of course received a nice overview of the map, and we can deduce a few things from that. First, you see multiple stadiums on the map, or at least locations that can serve as stadiums. In the trailer we see a trainer with a sporty outfit walking into such a stadium, so certain Pokémon battles may take place here a la the Pokémon League Conference from the anime. I immediately think of changing battlefields (water with islands, rocks, lava, etc.) and just a little more challenge in the run-up to the Elite Four, but it remains to be seen what role these stadiums will play.

Of course, it could also be the case that the stadiums are simply the new Gyms, as the original Direct stream confirmed that Gyms (or something similar) are making their return after being absent from Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. It was also confirmed that the player’s goal is to become the Pokémon Champion again, and that means enough Gym and (probably) Elite Four battles to keep you going for a while anyway.

A big question before this trailer hit the internet was how the player will encounter pokémon in the game. After all, in Let’s Go we see pokémon walking around in the game world, making it very easy to fight alone against the pokémon that you actually want to fight with, but that does not apply to Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. In the trailer you can see how a trainer sneaks through the grass and starts a ‘random encounter’ against a Pikachu (without that yellow rat being visible in the game world).

Finally, of course, the logo of both games has been revealed and what is very striking about it is of course the wolf’s head that protrudes from both the sword and the shield. It would be really cool to be able to add two Legendary wolf pokémon to the Pokédex, but this may even refer to something like a weapon (the emblem) of an important family or company from this game. In the coming months there will undoubtedly be all kinds of announcements, whether or not about this logo. For example, a lot of Gen 8 Pokémon will be revealed before the game comes out and we can also assume that we will learn a thing or two about the region and the story. As soon as there is more news, you can of course read it here on SamaGame!

De pokémon in Pokémon Shield en Pokémon Sword

With the new starters and a completely new region, it is clear that we are dealing with Gen 8. The only pokémon from Gen 8 that we know so far are the just announced starters: the grass monkey Grookey, the fire rabbit Scorbunny and the derpy frogfish that looks like all his water attacks are coming from his eyes like tears, Sobble. But let’s also remember that two Gen 8 Pokémon have already been added to Pokémon Go and Pokémon Let’s Go in the form of Meltan and Melmetal. How they appear in Pokémon Shield and Pokémon Sword is still the question; In Pokémon Go you are supposed to link the game to Let’s Go in order to collect multiple Meltan, but whether a similar connection with Pokémon Go is also in the offing for the new games, we don’t know yet.

Below is a list of Pokémon that we have spotted further in the trailer (with in brackets the evolutions that we therefore also expect in Shield and Sword). In any case, we seem to get a few Pokémon from all generations, and possibly even the entire Pokédex will be available in the games – although that will be quite a task for the developer. Of course it must be said that most likely not all pokémon will be in both Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield: in each generation of games a division is always made between which pokémon you can and cannot catch in order to trade with other players and buy stimulate the other part.

  • Pikachu (Pichu / Raichu)
  • Minccino (Cinccino)
  • Wishiwashi (at least in solo form)
  • Grubbin (Charjabug/Vikavolt)
  • Hoothoot (Noctowl)
  • Zweilous (Dinino / Hydreigon)
  • Flygon (Trapinch / Vibrava)
  • Braviary (Rufflet)
  • Wailmer (Wailord)
  • Meowstic (Espurr)
  • Lucario (Riolu)
  • Tyranitar (Larvitar/Pupitar)
  • Munchlax (Snorlax)

Niantic is heading in the right direction with Pokémon Go events

This Serial started as a journal for my Pokémon Go adventures, and I still chase those digital pocket monsters with my phone every day. Unfortunately, I have a little less time than about a year ago, so I regularly miss certain Shiny’s and Raid bosses, but things have been going in the right direction lately. In Pokémon Go, as soon as a new Shiny is unleashed or as soon as a new event starts, immediately get your hands on the exclusive Pokémon before Niantic throws a grain over it, and wait for a new event. There has been a lot of criticism from the Pokémon Go community, including when there was a special Feebas event a while ago.

That event was the first so-called Research event, where players could obtain exclusive quests and by completing them could win a Shiny Feebas. I played all afternoon and then didn’t get a single Shiny, which was very painful, but with last month’s Research event, Niantic has come back. The developer showed that he listened very carefully to the community. For example, the quests during the Clamperl Research event were a lot easier and more varied (catch 5 pokémon, make three great throws, etc.) and the chance of a Shiny Clamperl was a lot higher than on a Shiny Feebas. For example, you don’t have to play intensively for three hours to get a chance at a nice Shiny, and that accessibility is desired in a game like Pokémon Go.

The Shiny chance was probably increased because Clamperl has two evolutions and evolving them happens randomly. That means you have a 50% chance of a Gorebyss and 50% chance of a Huntail, and with the three Shiny Clamperl that I managed to get (I played two of the three hours of the event) it got pretty exciting. The first two Clamperl became a Huntail and the third fortunately a Gorebyss, but that means that I don’t have a Shiny Clamperl anymore, which is very beautiful. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, because a new event was already waiting a few days.

That event (which will end on the day of publication of this article) was mainly about Pokémon Day and the first generation of Pokémon. Such an event is always fun, especially for new players who haven’t had many chances to catch pokémon from the Kanto region, but the addition of Eevee’s and Pikachu’s with flowers on their heads is also very fun. It breaks through the monotonous catching of the same Pokémon and the special research tasks certainly contribute to that. Unfortunately no Shiny Pikachu for me, which is still missing from my collection, but I didn’t have much time to be sad about that because of the addition of another new pokémon: Smeargle.

The way Smeargle is in the game is also very nice. The paint pokémon can only be caught if you use the new camera function of Pokémon Go. By selecting a pokémon, pressing the camera and taking some pictures of him, you run the chance that Smeargle will photo-bomb your photo, after which he spawns next to the player after closing the camera to be caught. I have not yet managed to catch a Smeargle (even though I have already taken more than 700 photos in vain), but that must be my luck. One tip, confirmed by Niantic: There is no point in taking 10 shots of the same Pokémon in the hope that Smeargle shows up, it is more likely to show up if you drag another Pokémon in front of the camera after a few shots.

Finally, there was another Community day last month, and as you could read last month, it was all about Swinub and Mamoswine. It was a great day for me, even though I ‘only’ managed to catch four shiny Swinubs. I mainly used this day to collect candy for Swinub and on top of that to get some Sinnoh Stones through Trainer Battles.

While evolving into a Mamoswine, the Pokémon learned a special move, Ancient Power. That sounds strange, because Ancient Power has been in the game for some time, but recently we know that that attack will play a special role in Trainer Battles. The Ancient Power, Silver Wind and Ominous Wind attacks can trigger a ‘Stat boost’ (a buff), which will give the Pokémon that uses one piece stronger and will quickly gain the upper hand in a fight with another trainer. The stat boost does not work in Gym and Raid battles, and in Trainer Battles it is still questionable how effective the attacks are. The chance of a stat boost is not very big, and that is why it is very risky to strengthen your three-man pokémon team with such a pokémon and assume that you are lucky.

Attention, Trainers! A major update is coming soon to Pokémon GO—stat boosts! Starting this Saturday, certain Charge Attacks will have a chance to trigger stat boosts in Trainer Battles for the first time! Learn more:

— Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) February 14, 2019

The next Community Day will take place on March 23 between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM local time. This is unique for Pokémon Go, as Community Days typically started in the early afternoon, and start times varied greatly between regions. For the first time ever, the Community Day will take place at the same time (local time) all over the world, which in any case indicates that Niantic is a lot more confident about how to approach the Community Days (from a technical perspective). Previous Community Days were sometimes a problem, especially in Asia, where players encountered nasty bugs that ruined their entire day.

As always, Sceptile will receive a special move when evolved during Community Day, which also includes dividing egg distances by four and Lures being active a lot longer. And of course, most importantly, Shiny Treecko will also be there.

The second trailer of Detective Pikachu

Ryan Reynolds fluffy Pikachu is back in a new trailer for Detective Pikachu, and of course you’ve seen it five times by now. Still, I drop it here, because the more I see this film, the bigger the hype gets:

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