Pokémaniac Marvin has started a Nuzlocke Challenge for the first time in his poker career (in Pokémon Sword!) But also finds time for Pokémon Go. This part: the battle with Team Rocket is only really starting now, Shadow Shiny’s, Shadow Legendary’s, Pokémon hugging in AR and more.

Last month:

  • I got 1,279,252 XP;
  • I took on the Team Rocket Leaders for the first time;
  • I beat for the first Team Rocket leader Giovanni;
  • En ving of bemachtigde ik de volgende pokémon: Charmander (Cubone Hat), Squirtle (Yamask Hat), Bulbasaur (Shedinja Hat), Pikachu (Mimikyu Outfit), Darkrai, Coballion, Riolu (98%), Golurk, Galarian Weezing, Mime Jr., Lilipup (0%), Shiny Poochyena, Shiny Gastly, Shiny Cofagrigus (gevangen als Yamask), Shiny Castform, Shiny Aipom, Shiny Psyduck, Shiny Magnemite, Shiny Bronzor, Shiny Registeel, Shiny Pichu, Shiny Taillow, Shiny Stoutland, Shiny Chimchar, Shiny Monferno en Shiny Infernape.

The perpetual Shiny hunt is just as successful

My personal goal in Pokémon Go is of course to catch all Pokémon and complete my Pokédex, but not very secretly I like it much more when some stars splash off my screen. Not because my phone has another breakdown after a seven-hour play session, but because of the shiny pokémon of course! Because there was not much to raid with Cobalion and the Regis, October and November were also dominated by pokémon pixels that are slightly differently colored than the average pokémon pixel. That went quite well. And as often: in gusts. Three pieces, that is, but let’s start with the best.

My first unique Shiny of the month was during a Raid Hour, but it’s not Shiny Legendary. No, instead, a stupid in-game GPS bug finally worked out for me and caught a Shiny Poochyena as a result. When joining raidnummero I couldn’t get close enough because my GPS went in all directions. Before I knew it I was three blocks away and suddenly a lonely Poochyena spawned. Score! But that’s not where the happiness ended. A few days later I was allowed to travel to London for a day and as is often the case when I’m abroad, I hope to find my first foreign Shiny. The fact that this trip simultaneously with the Halloween event turned out to be a good thing, because London did not disappoint.

Just a week before my Shiny Poochyena, I experienced another day when the Pokémon Go gods were in good spirits. You know, a day like that that follows a Shiny drought of days, weeks or maybe even longer, and you immediately compensate with a freight load. Within two hours I came across a Shiny Castform, Aipom and Psyduck (I already had all) and that without events. Is that all? Nope. Although I could barely play for a while due to crushing my foot (even walking down the stairs at home you are not safe) my first careful bike ride to a spawn point was immediately rewarded: Shiny Magnemite! A few days later, Shiny Bronzor followed as Research Reward and I received Shiny Registeel during the Regi weekend.

Even more? Why not! After missing the very first Community Day with Pikachu, it had become a goal to catch at least one Shiny Pikachu family member. Although that yellow rat is constantly being added to an in-game event, it still didn’t work out in the two years after that Community Day, until last month I suddenly saw a few stars fly at the hatching of a 7KM egg and Pichu walked out . Pichu was soon succeeded by Taillow because the queue at the supermarket was very long and I decided to check out some Pokémon, and to top it all off, my girlfriend made me happy with a beautiful Pokémon with a majestic, golden mustache: Stoutland .

As always, I ended my month with this month’s Community Day, and the focus was on little firepokémon Chimchar. It is far from my favorite Shiny, he is quite useless in battles and I could only play two hours out of three, so I had little hope for good results. It was also pretty slow until about 12.30 pm, but the last hour and a half of Community Day the Shiny pokémon flew around me. In total I caught 10 Shiny Chimchars and was able to get a ton of new Infernapes (mainly for PvP, should I ever want to get into that more). Now the question is what will happen during the Community Day in December; we will probably get an answer to that this week.

Rocket Leaders, Giovanni, Legendary’s Shadow and more

If someone asks you again, “HUH, why play Pokémon Go now?” then you can point to one of the latest updates Team Rocket Leaders has added. With the addition of the leaders, Pokémon Go has again received an extra gameplay load, and that little depth is desired in a game that started with one mechanic (throw ball on Pokémon). The update ensures that players can take on Rocket Leaders and that is not as easy as you probably think. Players should be reasonably aware of move types and counters, and if possible tactics such as shield baiting and the use of fast charged moves. It’s good to see a challenging solo PvE battle mechanic added,

If you don’t remember how the new Rocket system works, it’s simple:

  • Defeat six Team Rocket Grunts (and receive six Mysterious Components);
  • Combine the six Mysterious Components and receive a Rocket Radar;
  • Activate the Rocket Radar and walk to a Rocket Leader (‘R’ on the special map);
  • Prepare for an extra difficult Rocket battle and defeat Leader Arlo, Leader Sierra or Leader Cliff;
  • Complete the Special Research ‘Looming In The Shadows’ and receive a special radar;
  • Find the correct Pokéstop and battle Rocket leader Giovanni;
  • Catch that beautiful, evil-looking Shadow Articuno;
  • Do a similar quest once a month to battle Giovanni one more time (and capture the Shadow Legendary) and repeat.

The ultimate reward for beating Rocket Leader is of course getting to battle against Rocket leader Giovanni. But since that is only possible once a month, you have to come up with other ways to get motivated for the new Rocket Leader mechanics. Luckily for Shiny hunters, there is a lot of beauty to bring in – in particular three pokémon who already have a nice Shiny variant, but are really brutal with a Shadow sauce: Sneasel, Meowth and Scyther. Personally, I want to get my hands on a Shiny Scyther at all costs and it will probably take me a few more months to do so. Not only is Arlo (the Rocket Leader from whom you get Scyther) a jerk, I can’t keep doing him indefinitely with all the potions and revives that all these battles cost me. 

No Shadow Shiny, but all that Rocket violence can also result in other nice things. Pokémon with good IVs, for example! Because I mainly battle against Arlo with my Rocket Raidars, I already had to send a lot of decent Scythers to Professor Willow to grind up Pokémon Candy and catch a 100% Scyther on top of that. So far I haven’t had a bad harvest on the Rocket-Grunts and Leaders, so it’s already my third 100% IV Purified Pokémon (including two Venusaurs). 

Games and pokémon photo shoots with friends by Buddy Adventure

There will be a new AR multiplayer feature in Pokémon Go and the name is Buddy Adventure. Exactly when it will go live is unclear, but Niantic has said it should happen sometime in the coming months. What exactly is it? Well, it is not entirely new – there have been rumors for years that an AR function is being developed where two people (on different screens) can see the same objects when using AR. What that means for Pokémon Go is that we can take a picture with our friends’ Pokémon and that we can pet them and feed them berries. Of course you can also photograph your own buddy with the Pokémon, but the system may go a lot further than just petting and feeding. It is said that we can ‘go on an adventure with other players’,  

Shiny Tentacool is coming to Pokémon Go

Just a quick piece of news in between, then. That is allowed when such a gruesome Shiny is released as Tentacool and Tentacruel – and that will happen from tomorrow! From November 19 (10 p.m. local time) to November 26 (10 p.m.) is the special Supereffective Week, which focuses on Pokémon that we can put to good use in the new Team Rocket battles. To make it even more appealing, there is also a cool new shiny (which will hopefully be boosted) and you are guaranteed to get a Charged TM from level 3+ raids. A day later, a new event starts, Friend Fest, in which pokémon like Nidoran spawn more often, trade costs are halved and you can do two Special Trades per day. 

The Pokémon Sword & Shield Nuzlocke Challenge is hilarious

As a Pokémon fanatic, I of course also bought the new Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. That does mean that I have a little less time for Pokémon Go, but with the cold temperatures and the realization that I can play Pokémon Sword at home under a blanket, that’s not too bad. It’s the first time I’ve started a new Pokémon game with a Nuzlocke Challenge, which is a weird but so far fantastic way to get to know the new mechanics and ‘rules’. Fantastic and heartbreaking, because a Nuzlocke like that causes quite a few emotions.

Forgotten what it is? In short, in the Nuzlocke Challenge you are not allowed to revive pokémon (dead = dead) and only use the pokémon that you encountered first in a new Route (not caught = no new pokémon). Normally, in the previous games where I tried Nuzlocke in every case, that’s a to do. After all, with the random pokémon encounters of the previous generations, you never knew what you would encounter first and which pokémon you should add to your team. In Pokémon Sword & Shield, you can see the Pokémon waiting around before starting a battle, making it easier to decide what your team will look like.

Even though it is easier in many ways – admittedly, there are unlikely already hardcore players who have come up with much more difficult rules – there have already been a lot of hilarious and especially painful moments in this Nuzlocke Challenge. Shaking a Berry Tree and encountering a faded squirrel pokémon, for example. Or finding out in an unbelievably gruesome way that level 56 pokémon are quietly floating around in the Wild Area, even if you only have level 13 pokémon yourself. PIkachu and Swirlix, it was good to have known you … If there is enthusiasm for it (or if I really think it is fantastic to do) then I will be talking more about my adventures in the Pokémon Sword Nuzlocke in the coming part of A Bag Full of Monsters ! 

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