Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the turn-based tactical RPG that puts you on the frontlines of a supernatural war against Lilith, an ancient evil brought back to help HYDRA take over the world. To stop them, you must put together a super-powered trio from a roster featuring familiar faces and lesser-known heroes. Each playable character has their own ability cards and role, and it’s up to you to choose the right lineup to defeat whatever demonic entities the bad guys throw your way.

A Brief Guide to All the Characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

In all, there are 14 playable characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Each has their own deck of ability cards and a unique gimmick based on their super strengths. Half of the fun in Midnight Suns is experimenting with different team compositions and learning each hero’s quirks. Down below, we’ve listed all the playable heroes and how to best use them in a fight.

The Hunter

The Hunter is a brand-new addition to the Marvel pantheon, made especially for Midnight Suns. They are a child of Lilith resurrected to help the Midnight Suns defeat the Queen of Demons. The Hunter also serves as the player character for Midnight Suns’ campaign.

Unlike the other heroes on the Midnight Suns’ lineup, The Hunter is fully customizable. The character comes with a wide variety of card types, so you can build them to fit into any team composition. This versatility makes The Hunter one of the best characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

The Hunter is also the only character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns with an alignment system—Light, Dark, and Power. Light abilities focus on healing allies and boosting Heroism. Dark abilities let you deal massive damage by sacrificing health or other cards. And the Power alignment offers a balanced mix of both Light and Dark.

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Captain America

The leader of the Avengers is a tank-type hero who uses taunting abilities to draw attention to himself. Use him to keep the bad guys occupied while the rest of the team tears them apart.

Captain America does more than soak up enemy attacks. His abilities take the damage he absorbs with his shield and throws it right back at the enemy, giving him huge damage-dealing potential in battle.

A Brief Guide to All the Characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

As with most heroes in Midnight Suns, Captain America becomes more effective as the battle goes on. For this reason, you want a healer on the team to keep him standing while he takes a beating.


Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is best known for his sticky webs and superhuman reflexes.

There are multiple ways to use Spider-Man’s webs in combat, like tying up foes, blinding them, or pulling them into punching distance. This means there’s a learning curve for mastering his various abilities. It’s worth the effort, though; once you know when and where to use each web function, you’ll have full control over the flow of combat.

All that web-slinging pairs well with Peter Parker’s unique passive ability, which allows him to attack several times in a single action. With careful positioning and clever use of his web functions, Spider-Man can make quick work of multiple enemies in a single turn.

The Hulk

A Brief Guide to All the Characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

To no one’s surprise, the Hulk is the hardest-hitting playable character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The Green Monster’s ability cards are designed around his brute strength, giving him several ways to smash his enemies into pulp.

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The Hulk is most dangerous when he’s angry, as indicated by his Rage stat. His Rage increases every time he’s hit by an enemy, gradually making him stronger as a fight goes on. To get the most out of the Hulk’s Rage, you’ll want to put him on a team with heroes that will keep his health topped up while he tanks hits.

Iron Man

Iron Man’s cards revolve around his Heroism stat, which you build up by using his lower-cost cards. As his Heroism increases, he’ll gain access to the more destructive toys in his arsenal. Given enough time and space, Tony Stark has the tools to demolish entire enemy squads.

Since Iron Man relies so much on Heroism, he’s one of the weaker heroes at the start of a battle, when he’s forced to rely on weak cards like Blast and Quick Blast. You can help Iron Man reach his peak earlier by pairing him with a character that boosts Heroism, like Doctor Strange or The Hunter with Light alignment skills.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is another slow-starter hero with enormous potential in the later stages of a fight. Her main weapon is Hex Bolt, which starts as one of the weakest attack abilities in the game, but the more you cast it, the more times she can cast it in a single use.

Scarlet Witch is a glass cannon—she’ll wipe the floor with the enemy, but you have to keep them off of her until she can reach her peak. Don’t go into a fight without a tank that has a good taunt, like Captain America or Wolverine. Throw in a hero with good relocation skills, like Spider-Man or Magik, If you really want to make Scarlet Witch the centrepiece of your team.

A Brief Guide to All the Characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

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The sword-swinging vampire hunter cuts through swathes of enemies with a moveset that revolves around his Make ‘em Bleed card. This card gives Blade’s attacks the ability to cause the Bleed debuff, which damages enemies at the start of every turn.

To maximize his battlefield potential, use Blade’s Make ‘em Bleed and simple strikes to inflict Bleed on as many enemies as possible. Then, unleash Reaper, which inflicts massive damage on any enemies with Bleed.

Blade is also useful for breaking through Block-heavy defences. His Savage ability turns the enemy’s Block against them, damaging them by the amount of their accumulated Block plus a random amount of damage.


Nico Minoru is one of the most prominent faces from Marvel’s Runaways. A fearsome and versatile witch, Nico offers a balanced mix of offensive and supporting spells, making her a valuable member of any team composition.

The random nature of her abilities is both Nico’s biggest strength and greatest weakness. By the roll of a die, her skills can turn the tide of a fight or feel like a turn wasted. Nico is too unpredictable to serve as the linchpin of a lineup, but her ability to buff teammates and occasionally contribute to an attack makes her great in a secondary role.


Wolverine is an offensive tank that relies on his lifesteal and passive healing abilities to stay alive in fights. He’s the type of character who likes to bring the fight to the enemy, relying on quick strikes and attack chains to rip through several enemies in a single turn. With the right setup, you can create devastating attack combos that keep him healed up, too.

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Wolverine has no debuff cards, which makes it hard for him to cut through tough defences. To get the most out of Wolverine, make sure there’s someone on the team with good debuff skills.


Magik is a starter character in the Midnight Suns lineup and the younger sister of the Chrome Giant, Colossus. Her abilities allow her to reposition enemies on the map, allowing vicious combinations with the other heroes in her team.

She works best in a team that can take advantage of environmental hazards with their knockback, like Captain America or Iron Man. Or pair her up with Spider-Man and send the bad guys flying to and fro across the stage and into objects.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider sacrifices his own hit points to execute powerful single- and multiple-target abilities. Ghost Rider has some of the most powerful attacks in the game, but he needs healers to reach his full potential.

Ghost Rider does so much damage in a fight that it’s easy to go overboard and put him in a poor spot, isolated from his friends and low on health. Remember to keep an eye on how much HP he has left, and make sure your healers are always close enough to restore him in a pinch.

With Ghost Rider, health management is the name of the game. With the right support system, he can be the main damage dealer in your squad.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel is a starter hero in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and a true powerhouse. Her ability set is almost entirely damage-focused, so she’ll be your primary damage dealer for much of the early and mid-game.

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Her special talent is a power called Binary, which gradually changes during battle. Once it reaches full capacity, you can use it to generate tons of Block, which gives her added sustainability for brawling in the later stages of a fight.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange’s abilities allow him to generate lots of Heroism very quickly. That alone is enough to make him the most viable support in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, but he also has a great mix of buff and item restoration abilities to boot.

Doctor Strange isn’t great at dealing with damage, but that’s not what you should be using him for anyway. He allows Heroism-centric heroes, like Iron Man and Blade, to use their skills more frequently. No matter what your preferred team lineup is, there’s almost always room for Doctor Strange.

That covers all the main heroes from Marvel’s Midnight Suns roster. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s worth spending time getting to know how they work. Certain team compositions work better than others; we’ve talked about a few of them here, but we suggest experimenting with different lineups to find one that fits your tastes.

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