[*]Sometimes it’s worth taking a closer look at the elements of the game that serve only as a goal. They contain many curiosities and hidden messages, just look at it more fictionally, feel the world presented. So a loose series about the content of League of Legends.
[*]Today, we’re going to expand on Red Brambleback and Blue Ranger, abbreviated by most of the League community as Red and Blue.

A collection of facts and trivia about Red and Blue


Overall description:

[*][*]Red Brambleback is a neutral jungle monster that has negative armor, making it easier for AD characters to kill. The buff received after killing a creature increases health regeneration and adds the effect of slowing down and setting the enemy on fire after attacking it (temporary, given to the person who defeats the player who has it). Levels up and interacts with Smite. Red’s location:

[*][*] [*][*]The Blue Sentinel is a neutral jungle monster that has negative magic resistance, making it easier for AP characters to kill it. The buff you get from killing a minion increases your mana/energy regen and adds 10% cooldown. (timed, given to the person who defeats the player possessing it). Levels up and interacts with Smite. Blue location:

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[*][*]The Red Ridgeback is a revamped version of the Lizard Elder and the Blue Guardian of the Ancient Golem:

[*][*] [*][*]A record 6 characters can have the blue or red buff at the same time (Ivern on both teams).

[*][*]When picking up an enemy minion, it’s best to lead it to the nearest brush first. There he will be invisible to the enemy.

[*][*]Warden and Brambleback are not very agile, they attack slowly and move the same way. When playing as a ranged character, you can avoid some of the damage by moving around and keeping enough distance between the monster while attacking it (Kinred is the perfect example of such a champion). Scheme: attack, turn, attack, turn, attack, front … (much simpler in practice xD).

[*][*]Once, there were 2 Slags sitting at Reda, and 2 Sentinels at Blue. These were the little creatures that accompanied the buff. After removing them from the game, the remaining lone creature grew in size.


[*][*]The Blue Guardian is male, as evidenced by Ivern’s interaction about the Guardian and Daisy.

A collection of facts and trivia about Red and Blue

[*][*]Ivern can interact with Red and Blue! Example interaction with Brambleback: “Thanks for helping the beavers move the dams, Brambleback.” An example of an interaction with a Blue Guardian: “I’m telling you, Blue, you and Daisy would make a great couple!”

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Map (game) interactions:

[*][*]With the Popstar Ahri skin, if we approach the Blue Guardian and dance, the golem will dance with us!

And… that’s probably all…


[*][*]At the beginning of the game, in the inventory, we have 2 icons with images of old monsters (Lizard Elder, Ancient Golem), which now replace Red and Blue respectively.

[*][*] [*][*]In the Riot Games Merch store, we can buy a poster for $ 15 “Vi and Ahri Blue Guardian”. Below the poster is Summoner’s Rift | login screen.

[*][*] [*][*]There’s also an official League of Legends wallpaper that features a smite Brambleback (you might recognize it from the patch thumbnails). On top of that, I’m including the LCS 2015 Season | login screen.

[*][*] [*][*]

It’s all! I hope you found the content exhaustive and that you learned something new about these mighty creatures!