Are you looking for a game where you can have a good time and you have strong nerves? Here it is, a roguelike game called Pixel Dungeon.

You’re probably wondering what it means Roguelike, this is a game genre in which the whole world is always randomly generated, i.e. maps, items, monsters and treasures. This type of game also does not surprise with graphics, most often maintained in 2D. The game takes place in a turn-based system and the death of the player’s character results in returning to the very beginning and starting again. Difficult gameplay and rules of the game usually scare off potential players, I had to stop playing for a while.

The main menu allows us to start the game, view the ranking and view the badges earned during the game.

We have a choice 4 classes but only 3 of them are available to us at the beginning, the fourth one is unlocked probably after killing the 3rd boss, which is not as easy as everyone may think now. After killing the 2nd boss, we permanently receive (even when we die) a book that allows us to choose one of the two specializations of our character.

Briefly describe the characters:

warrior – he starts with 11 points of strength, a short sword, the potion of strength is immediately known to us and when he eats food, he automatically regains some of his life.

rogue – has a ring of shadows, it is easier to detect hidden rooms and traps, it will last longer without food

mage– has a wand for which he has special bonuses, can use it for magic and in melee combat

huntress– starts with 15HP and special boomerang, sees nearby monsters even when they are behind the wall

Below is a detailed description for people who know English:

We choose a character and then what? We start the game in 1 of the rooms and in the backpack we have basic weapons, armor and a piece of food. The goal of the game is to reach the end, i.e. to the 25th floor where the last boss is located. By defeating other beasts earlier, collecting better weapons, armor and potions. After each boss, we will find a shop where we can spend the coins that we collected by running around the dungeons.

Difficulty in this game it is really caused by a few things such as: we don’t know how potions and scrolls work until we use them once, little food so you have to walk carefully, randomly generated items, seeds and the number of enemies. It is best to check every room on the first floor and look for the hidden ones (there are no rooms on the 1st floor), this gives us a chance to find good items and kill monsters that give us the experience needed to increase the character’s level.

A big plus this game is that it is completely free. Nothing can be bought, which gives every player an equal chance. To sum up, the game is worth attention, I spent many hours with it myself and I still haven’t managed to kill the last boss, apparently I’m too weak a player. Fun not for the faint of heart because the amount of death in this game will certainly not be small and will be quite frustrating. Sometimes you won’t even make it to the 1st boss even though you’ve mastered the rules very well.

Have fun!