A game of betrayal in space – Among Us is experiencing a renaissance.

Betrayal and laughter in space – this is the easiest way to sum up Among Us.

What do Fall Guys and Among Us have in common? These are independent games focused on online competition that have unexpectedly gained great popularity. Innersloth’s production may lag a bit behind the hit of Mediatonic, but its creators definitely have no reason to complain. In the past weeks Among Us attracted on Steam up to 50,000 players at once (via SteamDB). That’s more than six times more than in July, and even then the game was doing much better than ever. The popularity of Among Us is evidenced by the fact that even at the time of writing, the number of players simultaneously in the game is almost three times higher than on the best day of July (18,000 to 6,800 users).

Among Us is just as good in the Twitch statistics (via Twitchmetrics). It is true that the number of viewers watching broadcasts from the game at no point came close to the results of Fall Guys, but over 176,000 users following streams from the game at its peak still rank the title in the top 20. The comparison of the total watch time on the Amazon platform looks similar. Gamers watched over 21 million hours of streaming from Among Usthanks to which production has overtaken competitors such as Apex Legends, Escape from Tarkov and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

A game of betrayal in space – Among Us is experiencing a renaissance

Judging by the success of Fall Guys and Among Us, friendship and trust are out of fashion.

How did a game with Fall Guys look like a high-budget and expensive production become so popular? They made their own unique gameplay assumptions, reminiscent of the popular modifications of Trouble in Terrorist Town and the game Town of Salem. Of course, this makes the title best played with a group of friends, with the support of Discord or other voice communicator. However, unlike in Fall Guys, a friendship can end quickly when a “friend” constantly accuses us of treason or stabs us in the back. It is this aspect that a large part of the review is devoted to:

A game of betrayal in space – Among Us is experiencing a renaissance

“I played with my girlfriend. She broke my neck in the first game, with a smile on her face. Now I sleep on the couch with a knife in my hand. 10/10 ”, writes ohniliK in his review.

“10/10, I have lost my faith in humanity,” says Terran.

A game of betrayal in space – Among Us is experiencing a renaissance

Apart from these more or less amusing opinions proving (?) About high playability, here and there players mention other advantages of Among Us. These include simple (or even poor) but nice and transparent visuals, good optimization and the inability to buy an advantage in the game using microtransactions. Nevertheless, in the end, the charm of Among Us comes down to great fun for hours, which is especially tempting in the context of the low price on the PC (we can play for free on mobile devices). In addition, thanks to the simple nature of the game, the title also gives viewers a lot of fun. All this meant that 94% of the 16,000 Steam users rated it Among Us positively. These reviews also show that the game has exploded in popularity – over 10,000 reviews have been issued in the last 30 days alone.

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A game of betrayal in space – Among Us is experiencing a renaissance