A German court considers it illegal to reserve all kinds of products (including video games) in this country with an imprecise departure date, as confirmed by our colleagues at Eurogamer Germany.

That is, games cannot be reserved if the output is “soon” or “soon”, to give two examples; It is only legal if the seller is able to advance an estimated sale date. Otherwise, the seller is not offering enough information to the consumer based on the legislation of this country.

The case that has led to this decision is a complaint against Media Markt for the Samsung Galaxy S6 reservations in August 2016, but this ruling establishes jurisprudence and could be applicable to any product sold in this country.

The Munich High Regional Court considers that consumers should be able to know when a shipment will arrive after a reservation. In a similar way, Wolfgang Schuldzinski, CEO of Düsseldorf Consumer (consumer association that initiated the lawsuit) has spoken.

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