If the PS4 CMOS battery runs out and it is not connected to the PlayStation Network, it will be impossible to play any game on the Sony console.

PS4 is a huge console with an extensive catalog of games, both exclusive and third parties. However, if the closure of the PS3, PS Vita and PSP store was not enough, now a hacker has found a serious flaw in PlayStation 4 that could weigh it down in the future.

It is a internal CMOS battery, which works with a long battery life, but is vital to enjoy your PS4. In case this battery runs out and is not connected to the internet, it will be impossible to play any title, whether physical or digital, on your console.

The find is the work of hacker Lance McDonald and the group Does it play, who shared their findings on Twitter by tinkering with various PS4 models. Specifically, they published a document last March 26, where it is stated that if this battery runs out and Sony closes the PlayStation network service, the console I couldn’t run any games.

To prove this claim, user Forest Reviews bought a PS4 Slim and removed the CMOS battery. He then tried to play various titles without connecting the console to the internet… and the result proved them right. The error code CE-30391-6 was displayed on the screen, and the PS4 could not play any video games.

There is an explanation for this bug, courtesy of the hacker Lance McDonald. It turns out that this internal battery is closely related to the time and date of the PS4 console, and on this they depend the trophies. These require that PS4’s internal clock (which is battery dependent) is set correctly, and the only way for the system to make sure is through the PlayStation Network.

What does this mean? Well, basically, what if Sony one day close network services for PS4, this battery would stop working properly and it would not be possible to play. Or, in another case, that the battery runs out … although it is possible to change it for a new one, but always depending on the PlayStation network services.

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Fortunately, Sony could release a PS4 firmware update to solve this problem, making the stack does not require an Internet connection to function properly. Otherwise, the more than 115 million consoles sold could become unusable in the future.

As a curious fact, it has been discovered that PS3 also has this problem, although in that case yes you can run physical games (the digital ones don’t). This has caused quite a stir on the networks, as 138 PS3, PS Vita and PSP games are no longer available on the PS Store.

Source: VGC