a new 53-qubit quantum computer, the largest and most powerful commercially

Since 2016, IBM has been dedicated to driving the quantum computing through systems that are available to researchers and institutions through the cloud. At the end of 2017, the company introduced the IBM Q with 20 qubits, the first system with this capacity available to almost anyone.

At that time, IBM also anticipated that they were already testing a quantum computer that would be capable of having up to 50 qubits. Today the company finally makes it official, although it will not be 50, but 53 qubits and it will come into operation during October this year for its quantum computing clients.

IBM’s fourteenth quantum computer

Trying to understand quantum computing is fascinating and complex at the same time, so the recommendation is to read the article by my colleague Juan Carlos López where he explains everything in great detail.

Returning to the news, this new quantum computer will be IBM’s fourteenth, which currently competes against companies such as Google, Microsoft, Honeywell, Rigetti Computing, IonQ, Intel and NTT, who have been developing projects focused on quantum computing for some years.

To this day, quantum computing remains more within the experimental field, since it still depends on other factors that can affect its performance, such as cooling. What is a fact is that these types of computers are capable of solving problems that are practically impossible for any other type of traditional computer.

Quantum computers are capable of performing powerful calculations in a short time, which could be used in various research tasks, such as in the development and discovery of new drugs, as well as in the design of new materials, financial analysis, artificial intelligence, cryptography and security in the cloud.

Google claims that they are currently testing a 72-qubit quantum computer, but so far they are doing it behind closed doors and no one outside has been able to confirm it. Hence the importance of the IBM launch arises, since it will be the First and only 50-qubit quantum computer to be commercially available within the cloud services offered by the company.