The work carried out by the Apple company is truly remarkable, through patents, Apple ensures the originality of its productsthis tactic has been applied for some time and has given results, recently, the filing of a new patent application was announced, which already appears in the USPTO database, that is, the trademark and patent office from United States.

The information that is known, which has to do with this new patent, reveals the intention of the Apple company to add to the Touch ID function that the iPhone has in the start button, the ability to use the 3D Touch functionwhich has been really popular ever since it was implemented, this could be quite a functional and interesting twist.

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The title of this patent is “Force Sensitive Fingerprint Entry Detection”the general description of this new invention from Apple, involves a new resistive element, which, having a mechanical strength resistant to the touch, apparently is very similar to the elastomeric material, it is quite curious how all this new function was put together.

According to the same patent, one or more electrodes connected to the fingerprint sensor is what will allow Touch ID to support the new changes that are planned to be made, among them is the possibility of unlocking the iPhone with just a light touchwhich can be customized to choose the desired pressure level.

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But also there is talk of the possibility of unlocking the device by people who do not have their fingerprint registered on itbut, that you can limit what these people can do on the device, such as selecting which applications you can use or not.

It’s really fascinating how applying different degrees of pressure to Touch IDcould provide the user with some really remarkable facilities, from something as simple as viewing a message that just arrived to browsing a list of miscellaneous replies.

Apparently, there is an excellent detail that this technology has, this would be, the no limitation of the identification buttons that can be touchedr, just one gesture can be made with one or more hands, or by one or more users, and perform a series of really useful actions.

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It is important to mention that, this patent was filed for the first time last year 2013in which credit was given to a series of engineers belonging to the Apple company for inventing this technology that users can probably see reality in the not too distant future.