A new video about Fallout: Miami shows the progress of work on the mod.


  • The creators of the Fallout: Miami mod for Fallout 4 have published a video in which they summarize the last months of work.
  • They presented numerous concept art, showing, among other things, some of the factions that will be included in the project, new models of plants or one of the songs from the music track.
  • So far, it is not known when the modification will premiere.
  • As is well known, Fallout 4 takes place in and around Boston. However, the areas of this American city may get bored in the end, especially if someone spent a lot of hours in this production. Fortunately, the community comes with help, which, as befits an RPG from Bethesda, is very active and creative. A part of it is quite a large international development group that has been working on the project for over two years Fallout: Miami.

    We first wrote about Fallout: Miami in 2018. As the title suggests, the modification will allow you to visit the southern part of Miami Beach, Florida and see how the society functions there several hundred years after the nuclear war. But that’s not all. Its creators will offer new tasks, music, models and much more. Therefore, it cannot be denied that this is an extremely ambitious project and it is no wonder that work on it has been going on for so long. Fortunately, they are progressing smoothly, even in the face of the epidemiological situation in the world. Recently, a video material has appeared on the web containing a small glance at progress made in recent months. You can watch it below.

    A new video about Fallout: Miami shows the progress of work on the mod

    The latest video published by the creators Fallout: Miami begins with a short presentation of a new song composed especially for the modification by Garrett Beelow. He will be playing while exploring the remains of Bayshore.

    Later in the screening, we get a glimpse of some of the factions we’ll meet while playing in fashion. We are talking about a mysterious, infamous group wearing coconut masks; the Sunshine Cove slaves at the Sunshine Hotel & Casino, headed by a certain Gabriel Goodman; as well as dangerous so-called Rovers who live near the pier and restaurants on a pirate ship. Below you can see concept art presenting these gangs (Polish artist Oliwia Białek is responsible for some of them).

    A new video about Fallout: Miami shows the progress of work on the mod

    In addition, in the material presented by the creators, we have a show of signs to appear in the city center and new models of plants, a screen showing the interior of the Cuban Liberation Museum, as well as a drawing where we can see the design of a gas station. Here they are:

    A new video about Fallout: Miami shows the progress of work on the mod

    Of course, this is only a part of what the creators have managed to prepare Fallout: Miami in the passing weeks. However, they emphasized that they want to show only things whose shape at the present stage of work is as close as possible to what will appear in the final version of the modification. This approach gives them the comfort of calmly preparing and changing various elements without having to explain later why they ultimately look different.

    So far, there are plans to release Fallout: Miami only for the PC version Fallout 4. It will happen in the indefinite future. The creators note, however, that some things from the project can be released on the Xbox One as standalone mods.

    A new video about Fallout: Miami shows the progress of work on the mod
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