A recap of the most notable Android stories of 2012.

We can firmly affirm that in terms of technology, this has been the year where Android has had a major breakthrough. There are many stories and events around the green Google robot that have happened to us and that since this publication we have been following as lovers of the android that we are. The year is ending and many of us will like to remember the most important of this year.

Ouya, the success with the heart of Android

We could resort to the crowdfunding section of this blog to see the projects with Android that have come out and we would see that it offers us many possibilities, but none like Ouya. It is possibly one of the gadgets that has generated the most expectations, obtaining almost ten million dollars in financing with the most successful campaign in history.

A recap of the most notable Android stories of 2012

The gadget will begin arriving in gamers’ homes in March, and some developers may already be getting one. Perhaps the components have become a bit obsolete, but it has meant putting Android in the spotlight by making a version made specifically for a video game console, something that not many of us saw possible.

Apple follows some Android steps

Let’s not deny it, iPhone has brought smartphones to the fore in which they are with their corresponding advances, but now it is Android that has been taking the ground and the one that brings more news and causes attention in the public. Without disparaging Apple, we have seen that they have decided to take note of some of the issues that Android has been offering.

A recap of the most notable Android stories of 2012

Starting by reaching the four inches that the androids had been enjoying a good time due to the needs of the mobile web and continuing with the case of the iPad Mini, primarily motivated by the departure of the Nexus 7 to which I predicted that it would not break into the market. Although it sounds strange, I hope that Apple continues to offer news and compete with Android, since it is that competition that forces all consumers to improve, although it is true that an Apple terminal is not going to be one of the priorities of many from our short-term editors.

Google Play comes, and then movies and books come

At the beginning of the year Google decided to remove the name from Android Market and change it to Google Play, mainly motivated by the weight of the Android name when they offer some online services, such as movies and books. It also meant focusing on miscellaneous content and stopping focusing on mobiles only.

A recap of the most notable Android stories of 2012

By then In Spain we did not have more than free and paid Android applications, and we should be proud, as some of our international readers do not have even that. But quickly the rest of the content services reach these parts, starting with books and then going through movies (even with a modest catalog because of the distributors) and we end up enjoying the Google terminals in the same store. We still have things like series and magazines, but everything seems to indicate that in 2012 we will be able to enjoy it.

Google decides to break prices, starting with the Nexus 7

The approach that Google had with its Nexus line is to offer a terminal designed more for developers, with all kinds of functions to be able to tinker. However, everything changed when the fire nation attacked Google announced the Nexus 7, which offered everything you could ask for in a seven-inch tablet except for a microSD memory slot.

A recap of the most notable Android stories of 2012

And it didn’t stop there, but with the launch of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 they were attacking the competition where it hurts the most. With a smartphone for € 300 and a 10-inch tablet starting at € 400 and both with the best power specs on the market, the competition is certainly shaking. Although it would shake much more if there were stock of these terminals at once.

Have the wishes of our editors been fulfilled? Quite the truth

My colleague Juan Carlos left a series of requests to Android to be fulfilled throughout this 2012 that is about to end. Among them were that the manufacturers update, which is being the case for the plane at least Sony and HTC, within what can be expected from some companies that expect you to buy a new mobile as soon as possible.

The formerly called Android Market has also improved, since we already have rankings and compilations of applications, although it is true that offers from Google could be more constant. Where it has not failed is to ask that Android continue to grow, and this 2012 it has done so by leaps and bounds with Jelly Bean and all the issues that were mentioned previously.

A recap of the most notable Android stories of 2012

Where perhaps they have ignored it is on the issue of batteries, as many manufacturers continue to focus on thin terminals at the expense of autonomy with few exceptions. And without a doubt the last point he said has been fulfilled, as the community is becoming increasingly critical of the terminals and even Google itself (the case of the stock of the Nexus 4 and 10 is more than heard)

It has undoubtedly been a very busy year for Android and we hope that 2013 will be another year in which we can continue to be proud of one of our great passions.