The Last of Us Remake for PS5, a new Uncharted, and what appears to be the scrapping of a Days Gone 2 have all been mentioned in a new article.

Some alleged Sony plans have recently been revealed thanks to a new Bloomberg article by well-known journalist Jason Schreier. Several great sagas from PlayStation Studios have been mentioned.

As noted in the publication, Sony’s interest in launching big AAA titles would have increased dramatically leading to the occasional confrontation between development teams. Let’s go by parts:

Apparently, one of the main projects for the future goes through the development of a remake of The Last of Us for PS5. The title was allegedly led by Michael Mumbauer, founder of Visual Arts Service Group in 2007, with a small studio of 30 employees. After several changes, the game would have passed into the hands of its original creators, Naughty Dog.

The article puts its main focus on some of the problems caused by this tendency to launch big blockbusters by Sony. This would have caused discomfort to another known team, Bend Studio, who developed Days Gone for PS4.

It seems that the rumors about a possible sequel are not correct, since it is reported that, although Days Gone was profitable, the problems during its development and the mixed reception that it had would have hurt a continuation. Days Gone 2 was not considered a viable option.

Here comes the second great revelation. Bend Studio would have been split in two to help Naughty Dog develop two games. The first would be a unknown multiplayer title, while a second group, more numerous, would have been redirected to the development of a new Uncharted.

Faced with this decision, the management of Bend Studio, fearing to be absorbed by Naughty Dog, would haverequested to leave the Uncharted project, something they were allegedly granted last month. Now, the creators of Days Gone would be working on their own game.

Michael Mumbauer’s testimony for Bloomberg reveals the comings and goings of his project called T1X, which was approved by Sony at the time, but the delay of The Last of Us Part 2 prompted the company to send staff from the small studio to help with the project. title development.

In turn, many Naughty Dog workers would have been placed in the development of the PS5 remake, which reduced autonomy to Mumbauer’s team. By the end of 2020, much of the small studio’s staff had left, including Mumbauer and game director David Hall. Apparently, the T1X project is still under development by Naughty Dog. Schreier indicates his ignorance about whether the Uncharted game is still in development.

It should be noted that the article places special emphasis on Sony’s change of focus and its commitment to weight throws. Which could be directly related to the recent restructuring of Japan Studio.