Elmec Informatics has devised a solution to facilitate the daily work of those who deal with information systems within companies: it was born MyElmec.


Let’s talk about the first integrated dashboard which saves time thanks to processes automated that help monitor a company’s digital assets and IT infrastructure 24/7. MyElmec allows you to see in real time what is happening on devices such as printers, PCs and notebooks and on the infrastructure, monitoring all configuration items such as servers, storage, switches and firewalls.

“We wanted to build an integrated dashboard that allows IT managers to control everything in one digital place, something no other IT service provider has ever created. To create MyElmec we used the latest technologies on the market including Java, Go and Phyton, making use of tool suites that allow continuous deployment. The micro-service architecture allows us to avoid the problems of classic monolithic systems with a view to making our solutions more efficient”, he comments Alessandro Balleriomanaging director of Elmec Informatica.

MyElmec wants to be a strategic tool for those who work in the world ofIT. In fact, it is not just a governance tool: thanks to automated processes, some more operational actions are speeded up. This will free up time for strategy development.

The portal is also available in mobile version both for android That iOS. The app is able to notify insiders in real time about critical situations on the assets under monitoring

DEvOps technology

The development of the portal was possible thanks to the methodology DevOps. It is a development method that arises from the idea of ​​an integration between developers – the developers – and those who control and deliver products and services – ie the operators in charge.

The use of this methodology has led to a change in business processes and in the conception of the project itself. In addition, 20 were involved in the development of the project pilot customersfrom a win-win perspective, which on the one hand allowed Elmec to understand the needs, receiving feedback in real time, and on the other hand the customers to obtain a ready-to-use tool quickly.

Thanks to the DevOps methodology, Elmec has found i first results highlighting one better communication between the various departments involved and the halving of time and costs necessary for the development and production of the project.

It’s possible request the demo and try the MyElmec portal by registering via This Page.