A terrible mistake that happened at E3 is discovered.

We are in a locked room in the central Nintendo base. Two men in jackets are questioning one bound and handcuffed. Despite this, they are afraid of him; Despite the fact that one of these men looks like a titan in a suit, he knows perfectly well the abilities of the one they are interrogating. One of the SamaGame Today reporters is present, he has obtained a special permit to ensure abroad that no rights will be violated inside. The goal is to find out what caused the terrible mistake at E3.
– “(…) and more or less this is how we escaped…
She was a liar. After so much that we have lived together he cheated on me like this. She made it clear to me: she wanted me to help her escape. The price? Sneak two games into E3, one yours and one mine. However, when we got to the end and I asked him for help, he left me stranded. “I’m sorry,” he said, “but understand me. People await my return more, although yours would also be bombshell news. I really need to get back in business and you would have been a distraction. With two games I will be able to vindicate myself and if I put one of yours we would steal each other’s success. I’m not going to let you take away the triumphant appearance, grabbing spotlights and glances with one of your racing games. “
Shortly after, the guards arrived and I had to distract them so that no one would know that she had escaped. He betrayed me, but at least it won’t be in vain. And of course, I wasn’t going to give her away “

+ “But now you’re talking. What made you change your mind? “
– “Any. Simply, she has already fulfilled her goal and there is nothing you can do anymore. It is my duty to make it clear how everything happened and what she is looking for so that no lies are told, even if she betrayed me ”.
+ “…
This cannot come to light, it would be seen as a failure on our part. Which Samus has escaped and sneaked two of his games at E3? It would be our end. Let’s leave this victory to him… for now.

As they said this, the captain was thinking to himself something very different from what he had confessed to the leaders of Nintendo. “Damn it, Samus… this was not part of the plan. What are you trying to achieve by announcing two of your games? I hope to give you coverage with this story so that you can do what we agreed to… if these were not your intentions from the beginning ”.

A terrible mistake that happened at E3 is discovered

“Come on, show them your moves!” was the last thing he said. The same is the last thing he will have said in his entire life

A slim figure walks through a building without anyone noticing. You know how to avoid being seen. It’s natural: it’s about Samus Aran. And as if that weren’t enough, Solid Snake taught him some infiltration techniques on his way through Smash.

A terrible mistake that happened at E3 is discovered

“The Nintendo conference at E3 begins shortly. I don’t like to do things in such a short time but I can’t risk them checking the video and getting caught. “

“Here it is, everything Nintendo plans to present at E3. Unfortunately someone inside realized that they had told the public that it would last 30 instead of the 25 they had planned, those five minutes would have been very good for me. Now I will have to delete part of the program and I do not like to stab my colleagues … what is this? A Mario Golf for Switch? Out of. I’m already fed up with Mario games who then comes to Smash giving himself a cold air.
And this Arms gameplay lasts too long and nobody cares, if I could cut back- “
+ “Well, I think the Sony conference was pretty good.
– But are you stupid? If they have presented almost nothing of value! What has caused the most hype is one of Spiderman and a remake, come on.
+ What happens is that you are always anti-sony and you do not see that they are going to make good games. Anyway, we are going to prepare our conference that we always leave it to the last moment. “
“Nonononono now not please. I don’t even have time to record my video. Is so much effort going to come to nothing? Is nobody going to get what I have to say? Think fast, there has to be something. ”At that moment an idea occurred to him. “It’s risky, it could end my image forever. But I can’t do anything else and this is my only hope. Black background, I write this here and that’s it. Here I put a video of a mission from a long time ago that with the new graphics will look great. I hope this works. “

A terrible mistake that happened at E3 is discovered

A while later, all the Nintendo workers would watch in astonishment how two words and a number appeared on their screen:
“Metroid Prime 4”

no, it’s not Half Life 3, that would have been taking too much risk

A terrible mistake that happened at E3 is discovered

Samus is sitting quietly in a park, reading the E3 news, wearing a jacket, hat, and sunglasses. Many headlines speak of the same thing: Nintendo caused an outbreak of anticipation among the most veteran fans after announcing the return of Samus as expected. Samus smiles sincerely, but mischievous at the same time.

“Well, it looks like it went as planned. The fandom is like a tsunami, Nintendo, it cannot be stopped and if you are not well prepared it destroys you without difficulty. What are you going to say? That was a mistake? They would eat you alive. You are obliged to make a game. And you can try to get revenge and put me back like in Other M but you would probably fall for me.

This puts me back in the spotlight and gives me enough freedom to get my message out to the world. I will tell you how badly you treat the “forgotten” franchises, how you abandon us in favor of new projects or those that are in fashion. How you exploit us in Smash to make us believe that we are still alive. Nintendo’s well is hard and I have been a little, but others like Falcon have been there for too long. It’s time for the big franchises that hooked hundreds of kids to come back. This is for you guys ”.

A terrible mistake that happened at E3 is discovered